#186 – Censor This! With An0maly

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Episode Summary

Do you value your freedom? It seems like for so long, I took for granted our civil liberties. I ignored the politics game until I woke up to this reality. Have you heard of shadow banning before? The major social media platforms have been censoring the information we see for a while. They have a narrative they want you to see, and if your narrative is different, they manipulate what shows up on news feeds and search engines.


This is something our guest An0maly has experienced firsthand. He talks about how this has affected his livelihood. This is not unusual; it happens to many people that refuse to conform to the narrative pushed by the mainstream media.


Our guest in this episode goes by the name An0maly (with a zero). He speaks at schools, universities & events worldwide. He is a self-made hip-hop artist & news analyst with 250 million video views without a manager, label, or significant news publication. An0maly saw the lack of representation and the spread of misinformation, so he decided to take a stand. An0maly started as a hip-hop artist, spoken word poet & a DJ. He’s well equipped to perform any set from a stadium concert to a poetry lounge to an event conference to a classy vibe as a very rare DJ.


We run the gamut of topics including:

  • How to Stay Objective
  • How to Find Your Truth
  • Shadow Banning
  • The Current Political Environment
  • Similarities to Marxism and Communism
  • How He Organically Grew His Following
  • The Psychology of Freedom
  • Propaganda
  • Spoken Word Music


Enjoy This Episode with An0maly!



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Krisstina Wise [0:00]
Welcome back in this episode I interview An0maly that’s his moniker which is befitting because An0maly is an anomaly. He’s just 30 years old but has the success, courage, and wisdom of someone much older. Part of his anomaly is that he is a self-made hip hop artist and a news analyst. He’s built one of Facebook’s largest groups and has over 500 million video views without a manager label or significant news publication. I hadn’t heard of anomaly before he was recommended to me to be a guest on this podcast as he is a fit for the wealthy wellthy objective to bust myths and do our part to bring alternative points of view outside of the status quo. I was so impressed with this young man, we talked about sovereignty and freedom and how from his vantage point, these inherent rights are silently being stripped away. We discussed censorship and the dangers of conceding to this we talked about how to find your truth and not simply taking on the truth of the mass media. And we discuss business and how he organically grew his Facebook audience to several million followers. Not to mention his YouTube and Twitter followings no matter what side you hang your hat on, I believe you’ll find many truths and nuggets in this interview. This is a must not miss. Please enjoy my conversation with An0maly. What a pleasure. Thank you for being on the wealthy, wellthy podcast.

An0maly [1:17]
Thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

Krisstina Wise [1:19]
All right, well, you you’re a new name and a new face to me. But I was introduced to you just because of the work and the work that you do. And I became just just really started taking in and listening and watching your videos and listening to your music. I’m like, Who is this guy? You’re extraordinary. So where I’d love to start is what’s your backstory? I don’t really know who you are. I’m guessing a lot of my listeners don’t know who you are. So here’s anomaly backstory and what brought you to what you’re doing right, right today.

An0maly [1:50]
So I started with the internet and just, I guess, my career and such I started in 2008 when I was a teenager just doing rap videos. I loved hip hop. I wanted to make music and freestyle and just like rap in the car, and I put it on YouTube and had like a million views within a year and 100,000 downloads, I had no microphone, just a laptop. So I was always hustling and trying to get my music out to the masses. And I knew that social media was the platform, it was the new way to really reach the masses. And I had a good eye for that. And I kind of knew nobody really cared about me. I had no record label connection. So I saw that as an opportunity. So doing that I ended up dropping out of college and moving to Los Angeles. And the only thing I really had was the ability to work the internet. So I started working in social media, and that was really my interest was hip hop music and just social media marketing. And then 2016 I was never really political. I thought, you know, both sides were kind of lying. The whole thing was kind of a scam. And the news was very negative. And I kind of zoomed in on what was happening because it was such a big election and I really started to learn how they were laughing. Not just that they were lying and that I wanted to stay out. And I got really upset at how calculated everything was and how these websites that I use since 2008, YouTube used to be more free, you could search for things and find me and they started closing it down. They started closing it down on certain political candidates, they started closing it down on certain health and wellness people, they started closing it down on almost everybody that wasn’t one of the big corporations. So that’s why I started doing what people would consider, you know, politics or news analysis is because I just got so fed up with how they were really closing the door on anybody that wasn’t one of the big corporations. And one of the worst things about what they do is they spread fear, you know, not only is it biased, but it’s so negative. It’s so fearful. And whether you’re in the wellness, health, finances, like that’s a negative mindset and a fearful mindset is the quickest way to never be successful and to be unhappy. So I just kind of did that and it ended up taking on a life of its own, so I’m not really a big politics fan. But I was like, I have to kind of step into the arena. And it’s taken a life of its own. So that’s where I’m at now I make news analysis videos, and then I do hip hop as well.

Krisstina Wise [4:09]
But all this came out of you publishing your work your music online, and then so was it, you’re getting a lot of traction, a lot of followers with a big audience, and all of a sudden you’re getting on youth, and I’m guessing you posted on YouTube. So just for me music alone, you start to see this shrink and end the audience size and that cause you start questioning things from just the music piece.

An0maly [4:34]
I always question with the music. Like I was always kind of trying to deep dive in and talk about stuff, but it wasn’t so much that they were destroying my audience, per se. I guess at that time, it was more just I started paying attention to the election. And I just got really interested in it because I saw the candidates I liked and people that you know, for instance, when it was Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton, I taken an interest to Bernie Sanders. I knew nothing about politics, but I just thought like, maybe he’s different. Maybe he’s like outside the game. And I saw that Google and these big websites like they really it was all for Hillary. So it was like the, the lengths, they were going to just cheat him. It’s one thing to not like him or agree with him, but I saw how they really rigged everything against him. And then after, you know, Trump won the presidency, it started happening with that, too. And not just with politics, like I said, with health and wellness, anybody that talks about things like I think vitamin D or something that the CEO of YouTube was like, you know, we got to crack down on that. I’m like, that’s kind of crazy. I’m not I’m not saying it’s gonna be off here for like every disease, but this idea that, you know, vitamins are not a way to make yourself healthier. I don’t know what type of science that is. So yeah, it was more it was more just following the election and just seeing how rigged it was really

Krisstina Wise [5:55]
interesting. And so when you talk about the day and big corporations whose the day When they’re doing censorship or you know the what you’re talking about who you referring to as the bay,

An0maly [6:06]
I guess, you know, there’s I don’t know how many five or six corporations that control most news media. And when it comes to social media, now you have, Google owns YouTube and YouTube and Google, Google’s the biggest search engine in the world. YouTube is the biggest video platform. You have Facebook, which is the biggest social media in the world who owns Instagram, which is one of the biggest. So there’s only a few of these tech companies, Twitter, Google, Facebook, who own almost all of the internet landscape, and they’re all it seems like coordinating together to do the exact same thing. For instance, regardless, I don’t know what your listeners think of but someone like Alex Jones, he was one of the first people who got deleted off of social media. He got deleted off everything within 24 hours. So it was Apple, Google, Spotify. They had to have met somewhere and said, we’re going to take him down today. So they’re coordinating on it almost everything they’re doing and I started noticing when I was following the election. Had the New York Times The Washington Post MSNBC, you have so many of these news articles saying the same thing constantly. And it’s it’s really bizarre because we were talking about earlier with Sturgis. I was just there in South Dakota. When I searched for Sturgis, there were 20 articles that came up. And they all said the same exact thing. The same exact headline is said 250,000 people expected among virus concerns among virus concerns among virus concerns. They didn’t all think of the same thing. They’re mass publishing that so I started to realize that, you know, on social media, these few corporations control everything, and they’re working with a few of the media corporations where they say these are the trusted news. If you disagree with the World Health Organization, or what you know, CNN thinks, then you’re problematic. So now they’ve just swallowed. Really the the whole landscape of everything where if you’re a doctor and you disagree with them, especially holistic doctors, or you’re just totally eradicated and and it’s because Comes such a problem where I don’t know how much longer they’re even going to allow certain types of, of thought.

Krisstina Wise [8:07]
Yeah, I mean, we see it everywhere. So that just creates an opening for censorship. So I know you’ve been censored, would you share a little bit about some of your own Facebook data, like where you started where it is now. And the dangers of censorship, I know people have a different, you know, have a point of view, like some people are, like myself, I’m all about freedom, sovereignty, free speech. And we all have a voice and we’re all accountable to our own beliefs and doing our research and get a gist but treat me like a grown adult that has some intellect and ability to think for herself. I’d like that, right. So that’s my own point of view. And then not that mine is right or wrong or better or worse than anybody else’s. But there’s another one another point of view that says no, no, no, it’s really great that these tech companies are censoring because it’s censoring out bad information. So that keeps people from The dangers of maybe finding bad information that they can’t otherwise protect themselves from. So it’s almost like there’s two camps. But what is your point of view? One, I’d love for you to share not just the data, how you’ve been censored, but then to like really how financially and how that’s affected you personally, as a young man who’s doing good work and paying taxes and wanting to do the right thing and get to truth and you’re all about love and peace and prosperity? And if so, what are the dangers of this type of censorship? From your point of view?

An0maly [9:30]
Yes. So with my page on Facebook, I think I’m almost at 2 million people and like 600 million views, so it’s been very big. And I started seeing censorship over this shutdown. They’ve used this pandemic really as a way to usher in more censorship under the guise of you know, health. And I understand like you said, like, if someone says, like, you know, eat a fork or something, it’s like you don’t want people to think you should eat afford, but the fine line has been blurred, where there are people who are just saying crazy stuff and I’m not a fan of it either. I’m someone who takes. Anytime I talk about something complicated I try to show proof and be as fair as possible. I understand there’s people who do what I do who really don’t they just lie and they’ll make up any theory that they believe without any proof or evidence. So the first thing I saw that was censored was I had a video got 10 million 10 million views that said can viruses be manipulate men man made or man manipulated? And I didn’t say that this one was I was really fair about it but I showed the proof of that they can be man manipulated, they happen men manipulated that there’s research in Wu Han labs of manipulating coronaviruses as a fact Bill Gates actually mentioned years ago that the next pandemic could be from a man manipulated you know, act of war in a virus these are all things that all the top people in the medical industry already know they can be there’s patents on certain, you know, SARS viruses, and I’m not saying this one was but I just wanted to kind of educate people were I’m like, this is a real thing. There’s a whole, you know, germ war going on, and also Just you can patent a virus if it’s man made. So there’s also it’s the same with GMO stuff. I don’t know that you can patent a fruit or a vegetable. But if it’s genetically modified, I believe you can patent that. So it’s not just the altering of the health that they’re incentivized. It’s the finances of I can own an entire strand of something. So these are games being played in germs too. And they, they put a fact check article on that the fact check was wrong, because I actually checked my facts. Then I did something about how Florida the per capita death was five times better than New York, although the media was saying it wasn’t, which is also true, or at least was at the time. And they said, so they started attacking me in that recently, the craziest thing they did was they took away my live stream capabilities for 30 days. And the reason was, I posted a Muslim, a mom in 2018. So they backtrack two years to find a post that I made. And he was basically talking about a guy who got released out of prison, who was very controversial. His name was Tommy Robinson. And the the point of the post was the Muslim mom said, I don’t agree with him. We have differences. We have different races, but I respect the fact that he’s willing to sit down with me and have dialogue even though he doesn’t believe in what I stand for. I thought it was a beautiful message I still do I it’s what my whole page is about. And they they deemed that a 30 day ban. I don’t even know how that’s legal. So they’re using these things. They’re using these real things to basically say, You’re not allowed to say that and with a, you know, you saw recently with the hydroxychloroquine stuff, I’m not a medical doctor, I don’t know if it does or doesn’t work. But I could tell the media does not want anybody to say that despite there’s are there studies in France, there’s individual doctors who prescribe certain things. I want to hear the doctor who believes in it, and then I want to hear the one who doesn’t believe in it. But they’ve decided the bureaucrats that this is what we’re doing. Anybody who suggests otherwise regardless of how much data you have, or facts or evidence, you’re being destroyed. So it’s a very creepy environment because I understand because I politically, Don’t lie. up with them. And because I, you know, question their, you know, social agendas in certain senses that it’s like a punishable offense to even disagree with them. So it’s a very fine line, but I think they’ve definitely overstep that boundary. I just think a lot of people, you know, aren’t understanding that.

Krisstina Wise [13:20]
And what’s your belief is to the reasons why

Unknown Speaker [13:24]
I think.

An0maly [13:27]
I really think that it’s a mixture of maybe political correctness gone astray at these companies. Political correctness is at a point where you can’t combat it, you know, you’re racist, you’re sexist, you’re they have a word for everything, if you question certain people, and I think a lot of these companies are getting overrun, in some ways by mistakes. So for example, I know Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, they’ll hire people and then say, you know, they’re not making money, they end up having to lay people off. A lot of those people will soon You know and saying they did it for certain reasons and I think that it’s an environment where you almost just like can’t speak out I know so many friends that work at corporations work at media companies I have friends that they check every box of the you know, the social justice movement gay black dancer, but if they disagree politically, they’re called all these crazy names they’re almost like with their back up against the wall where it’s like agree with everything I say politically agree with my candidates agree with all of my activism or else I’m gonna say you’re a horrible person and destroy your life. So I think in in some ways, they’re getting overrun by that but in in a more nefarious way. I really think that a lot of these people believe in control. If you look at certain countries like China, they have a system where they have facial video surveillance and you can’t get on certain trains if you don’t meet the social score. So it’s much more of a we decide what’s better for for all of our people. And if you don’t make the cut your cut out where America was never like that we had the freedom of speech, the second amendment So that was never what our constitution was about or what our country was about. It’s the opposite of libertarianism and being yourself. And I think these corporations combined with the politicians, they want that type of control, they want the control to say that you can’t fly. And that’s what you’re seeing. Now, you can’t fly if you don’t listen to us. You can’t do this if you don’t listen to us. And it’s not just like a crime that you committed. It’s as simple as like, you know, not wanting to wear a glass barrier on your face now or breathe out your nose. It’s becoming a fine line of like, how much of this is for public health and how much of this is a is a power grab? So I think there’s a combination of like political correctness overrun, and I do think they’re certain people in certain, you know, power grabs that are that are being had and one that people kind of don’t realize is they’re destroying millions of small businesses. They’re hurting mom and pop shops and restaurant, Jeff Bezos, a Warren Buffett, Zuckerberg, they’re just tripling doubling. You know their normal profits. They’re swallowing up the entire industries like they have Have no financial incentive to stop doing this. And Bezos actually owns the Washington Post. So I’m not saying it is what it is. But it’s like, you know, he could he has unlimited ways to just be like, no, let’s keep this going. And I’m not saying he’s like the only one but there’s certain people that are doing very well off this and then there’s others who aren’t.

Krisstina Wise [16:20]
Yeah, and it to me, it just, you see that there is no appears to be little to no concern for small businesses going out of business and that’s really been the fabric of, of this country of the prosperity and the opportunity is, is the small guy bits actually to make a good living and have a business and feed their family and, and just, you know, live a good life and it just for me, I just see these these what I’ve certainly taken for granted, but these liberties and freedoms just been stripped away and imposed like what I’m supposed to do even inside my house now. And I mean, and I just wonder like how are people okay with this? I mean that’s where it’s a head scratcher for me anomaly is like who’s okay with some government coming in the house and say you need to do this inside your own home and you know out when you’re not even near anybody else and do you have any thoughts to that?

An0maly [17:21]
I think the media and a lot of their their schemes they’re very good at you know what some people would call mind control or brainwashing where if you watch any of their programs, whether it’s left wing or right wing, even if you agree with it politically, it’s so much fear and there is a real health consequences of fear. There’s, uh, you know, lowers your immune system, you can get ulcers, this is all real science, and they scare you, and then they send you the commercials. It’s all pills. It’s all alcohol. It’s all unhealthy food. So how did they really care about you and they’re constantly scaring you, even when there’s not a pandemic scare, scare, fear, fear, fear, you know, get mad at the other side, get mad at the other country and then take our products and then you find out You know Coronavirus is not a good thing. However, obesity and a bad diet leads to 11 million they report 11 million deaths worldwide that’s more than Coronavirus is going to kill this year and probably next year combined. And there’s also studies that are saying 75% of people are overeating. I know just in my personal circle, people have lost jobs, they can’t go to the gym, I can’t go to the gym. gyms save lives. That’s how you get fit. That’s how you get healthy. So there’s pros and cons to everything. But they say there’s only pros, everything about what’s going on is great. And if you dare say that there’s any cons, you’re this horrible person that needs to be censored. I’m not saying the virus isn’t real. I’m not saying there’s not science to you know, social distancing. But if you’re going to talk about that, you have to talk about the flip side, the psychological, the mental, the physical damage that you’re inflicting on people, there’s reports all over the place of the real damage and economic is no joke. People say, Well, you know, it’s just the economy. It’s like it’s just the economy until your currency He collapses. And then if you don’t have a stable economy, it’s going to lead to stuff real quick. Honestly, I moved from Los Angeles. And in Los Angeles, on average, three homeless people die every single day. And this was before the pandemic. So you’re talking about a crisis of just dozens of homeless people getting killed, killing themselves with drugs or just lack of hygiene every single week. And now you have a city that’s totally failing. Like they won’t allow anything to open. They only allow protests and riots. Businesses have been destroyed. They’re still boarded up because they don’t even know if they can run anymore. The governor shutting off Water and Power. This is crazy. But I guess, you know, people have been kind of conditioned to be like, if you hate the president and you you hate, they have like an angle for everything. It’s like, regardless if you like the president or dislike the president, just use your brain like you got to detach from these people because they use your hate and your fear to totally manipulate you and I’ve seen people on the left and the right Totally buy fully into this where I’m like, I get the downsides. And I understand why you’re concerned for your health. But you have to look around at what’s going on because at a certain point, there is no end date to this because how they’re counting deaths, how they’re counting cases, how they’re logically justifying this stuff, a lot of it is just very reminiscent of a power grab. And if people think it’s not deadly to give up all your rights to government, look at the death toll of, you know, corrupt governments, whether it be in China, Germany, Russia, I mean, the death toll is near 100 million. When you give up your rights, these are stories we read, throughout all history. All we do is learn about these tragedies. And then if you suggest that it could repeat itself they call you a conspiracy theories. It’s like there’s no part of history that this hasn’t happened and that’s what made our country thrive for almost 300 years was the fact that we had the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the freedom and they’re taking all of those away at once. It’s very creepy and I think a lot of people are very conditioned and various lucky to live in such a nice area where they’ve never had to really think this way until now. So I think it’s a lot of those things at once.

Krisstina Wise [21:08]
Yeah, well, thank you for that explanation. And you’d mentioned that so I know you’ve done you’ve read some books and done some research on Marxism and communism and and how do you see that at play? Like what are some of those principles that maybe someone like myself isn’t even aware of I mean, I’m, I’m all about sovereignty and freedom, like we’ve talked about, and I just never in a million years would have believed that my freedoms would be stripped away like this. So what is it from like, what is some of the the propaganda this may be this being fed into this based on some of these, these Communist or Marxist principles and what’s the danger of those?

An0maly [21:49]
A book that I got recently I heard it in an old interview. It’s called color communism and common sense by Manning Johnson. He was a black member of the Communist Party in the 1900s. And, you know, he kind of defected and realized what they were doing. And it’s very reminiscent of what’s happening in our country. Now, he said that they’re using, you know, racial tension and exploiting emotions to really lead people towards communism. And a lot of the kids and a lot of people nowadays, you know, they believe in socialism and communism, because our system is very corrupt. We have like a crony capitalist system. You know, and I understand I understand why people want to reject the current system that we have. I understand our health care is kind of a scam. So I get people’s idea, but I think what a lot of people don’t realize about socialism is communism, for instance, this is coming from somebody at a time really believed in what Bernie was saying until I thought about it and researched more but say universal health care where everybody gets health insurance. That sounds fantastic, but what it also does is take away private insurance takes takes away your ability to opt out and go to the holistic doctor. There’s now pop up shops where you can pay monthly, there’s no incentive In the doctor realm, it makes us so it’s only government how everyone has the same government health care is its total government control over health. And that’s what you’re seeing now, even with the Trump presidency, he’s rejecting socialism. It’s still kind of swallowed up his presidency. The medical industry is running the show right now. And he seems almost powerless. And then if you talk about free education, of course, I don’t I think everyone should get education, but it’s government education. So there’s private schools, there’s voucher schools, and they want to eliminate those. The Los Angeles teachers union is like, trying to hold the kids for hostage and their demands have nothing to do with the virus. They want to abolish the police force. They want to do all these things, their socialist communist ideology and in their world they want to share and I think everybody should have everything I agree with what they think they’re doing, but in reality, they eliminate all competition. So this goes hand in hand. A lot of the younger kids think that the older you know, Democrats are scared of their socialism and they’re the real But I think it’s not really a threat to the big system because what it is is, is government control. So a lot of kids are into that. And I and I try to be compassionate. Why? Because if you just say socialism sucks here, it’s not, they’re not going to listen, because there’s a lot of downfalls to our system as well. And there’s a lot of downfalls to the crony capitalist system in America. But really, it’s like, the more that these people get control, the less you have in it, it always ends the same way. There’s a reason it never works, because there’s never a time when they just read it out to all the working people. I would love if that were true, but it gets in the hands of some psycho. Nobody has the ability to defend themselves. Nobody has the ability to speak freely. And we’re seeing all that stuff happen now. And you know, it’s it is cyclical, and it is it’s the same story on loop. But, you know, everybody interprets things different and I know there’s a lot of people who are really wishing for that to happen, but I think personally, I think it’s a mistake.

Krisstina Wise [24:59]
Yeah. Amen. With the Why do you think why now? And so, just again, I don’t know, I know we spoke about this offline but for anybody listening I mean, I’m just a political I’m not Democrat. I’m not Republican, just kind of a libertarian point of view of sovereignty, truth and sovereignty but really about truth and and, you know, personal beliefs. We’re all human. I don’t know you you don’t own me just, again, the sovereign principles. And you know, really up until recently, I was oblivious to things I just I was just kind of happy small business owner if done well in this country taken advantage of great opportunity and, and started with nothing and was able to build something I tribute so much of that to our system and into the liberties we’ve had. So I’ve just always been so grateful to even be an American or be in this country and, and I just felt like, oh, we’re so lucky to be in this country because we do have these opportunities available. If someone like me, they’re starting to trailer home. enabled through hard work and in educating myself and do that create what I’ve created. I mean, I’m so lucky for that privilege. But again, just completely oblivious. I think a lot of what was going on and staying out of politics because it’s nasty and ugly and I just haven’t liked it on either side really. So it’s just been recently out of all this where this I’m like, Oh, my God, what’s happening and have this happen so fast and everything I’ve worked my whole life for and raising my children for it’s like it just slowly but surely kind of been stripped away that I can’t walk out my front door without a mask, like really without getting screamed at. And I’m just like, how are we here? How did this happen? So what is your What do you say to that? Like, where did all this come from? And how did it happen so fast or hasn’t been happening? And I’ve just been clueless?

An0maly [26:47]
No, I hear you. And you said you’re like a libertarian similar to me where libertarians believe usually like less government, less taxes, like a lot of people want taxes raised and it goes to the social programs, but when you tax People, it goes to the government and California, they spend a billion dollars on homeless, they do nothing. So it’s like they take money from the working class, they take money from the small business owner, and they constantly just waste it. And I think the reason that they do that is because if you run a business or I run a business, if I mess up to that big of a scale, I don’t have a business next year, it’s not possible if they mess up, they get your money next year. It’s like a cycle of they’re being funded off your money. But um, both parties have kind of been big government where, you know, whether it be from Bill Clinton or George Bush, to Obama to Trump, even people who claim to be, you know, more right wing, which would probably be more libertarian, in theory, they’re really not, you know, Bush passed the Patriot Act, and we lost more freedom. Obama did his health care thing. It sounded good, but we, you know, slightly lost for freedom. And then even with Trump, he seems like he’s trying to fight against it, but in many ways, he either doesn’t or can’t or, you know, it’s like the government just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And I think that’s what happened. In no matter if it was a right wing or left wing president, it’s just grown to the point where I kind of saw this happening last year with the medical industry. And I saw what they were doing in California in New York, they were trying to force people to get vaccines. Basically, if your kid doesn’t get a vaccine, they can’t go to school. There are a lot of Jewish people in New York who are trying to oppose it on religious terms, and they were fighting in court. The state was trying to say, No, we don’t care what your religion is, you know, Christian Muslim, do you have to get the vaccine your kids can’t go to school and I saw this was the beginning of like, medical tyranny once they come for the kids, they’re coming for you next. And I’m not an anti vaxxer. I understand the science behind it. But I personally, I’ve seen the schedule go from a few and it’s getting bloated, bloated, bloated. And now with a you know, this administration of operation warp speed, which is what they’re calling they’re rushing a vaccine through trials, there’s really no way around it even if you’re the most pro vaccine person ever. There’s never been a vaccine, you know, approved this fast and there’s a reason they test them. They test them. Because sometimes they don’t work. There was a Lyme disease that Lyme disease vaccine, they took off the market, the flu vaccines been around for eight years. You can’t just rush an injection, but they’re not only rushing it, but now they’re trying to pair it with, you know, a mandatory sort of thing. So I think the medical industry just got bigger and bigger and bigger. The government got bigger and bigger. And I think a lot of people just didn’t realize it. And I kind of did, but I thought we had more time and even with Trump, he seems like he’s trying to slash A lot of it. But every which way he tries to do one or two things they do 10 or 20 things to they have so many ways to get around it so many, you know, you don’t you didn’t vote for say, Dr. Fauci, he’s been there since the Reagan administration. You don’t vote for the CIA, the FBI, there’s so many bureaucratic systems that people don’t vote for, they don’t change and they’ve been there and they’re gonna stay there and exert power over the country. So I think it’s all this leading up, but I personally do think not to sound too crazy. But you know, you have technology you have all these new, you know, artificial intelligence getting rolled out. And it seems like right now you know they’re replacing people with virtual fans I get almost seems like they’re conditioning people to live in a virtual world like we already did. I already spent way too much time on my phone, but now they’ve almost sucked every other aspect out of it. You can’t look at people’s face. You’re facetiming with your kids to watch. You know your teacher on the thing. There’s virtual fans, it looks like a video game. They’re just sucking humanity out of humanity. They’re sucking all the joy all the human interaction and I personally don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think there’s people with a lot of power and a lot of money, who either just do too much like a friend who does drugs you try to stop and they can’t stop or they have a real plan to you know, control more like America and this idea of leerburg libertarianism and even nationalism has been very smeared in the media in Russia in the United States. regardless what you think of it, it’s really like internal like, Hey, we’re gonna do us, we’re gonna do us. That’s a threat to somebody who wants to control everything. So I see a concerted effort to try to destroy that not to make this like world peace. That’s what they’re kind of running it as. But there’s certain people that now control everything if you control Facebook and Google and make it so I’m not allowed to have free speech in my own country where I’m supposed to have free speech, then they’ve and where can you go, if you can’t say it on Facebook, I can’t, I can’t gather anywhere, I can’t, I can’t even do a public speech to the people. So they control the flow of all information. And there’s they’re dialing down what you can and can’t say. It’s unfortunate, but I do think that even this election, and in general, these next couple years are going to be massive because this scheme that they have, it seems like the 15 days to slow the spread turned into 80 days and I really don’t think they have a timeline on it. So I pray that people, you know, figure out a way to combat that because I don’t want to live the rest of my life. Like a, you know, a free range human that only could look in people’s eyes. It’s not it’s, it’s no way to live.

Krisstina Wise [32:07]
Wow, that’s quite a visual right there. So what motivates you

An0maly [32:13]
now to get to the truth

Krisstina Wise [32:15]
Yeah, like, like Tell me about the day in the life of anomaly.

An0maly [32:19]
Now I’m blessed to I’ve worked hard for 10 years making no money putting out music, everything was free there was no monetization when things first started. So I’ve always had a lot of drive, I’ve always had passion and just like really worked hard. And once I started, you know, making money on it and not having to work at other jobs. I tried to remember the days that I was uh, you know, I had to work at a pizzeria or overnight stocking I’ve done a lot of hard jobs worked on a farm. So you know, now that I can do my own thing I tried to just go out there and crush and with the state of the world today, it’s it’s hard not to find inspiration in the sense of like, everything’s really annoying me as far as the shutdown, but, you know, I just try to get out. content and put on Facebook but on YouTube make music just just stay active because I’m very fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living and I don’t want to squander this moment. I’ve worked too hard and work too many other places. So hopefully Facebook doesn’t steal that for me. We’ll see.

Krisstina Wise [33:16]
Yeah, no kidding. What? What do you see as far as Let me ask it differently. What can we do like what do you like you’re doing you’re just you’re because so much media is out there and people are posting and repost and reposting reposting believing in certain headlines are true and defending what they may believe based on these headlines. But what are you doing like when we say the word truth I mean, that’s what I’m after. I’m just taught her truth, freedom, living by the consequences of my own decisions, both good and bad, being a good good human out doing good works in the world, making a you know, living trying to be a great parent, a great friend. And just like I said, Live it live a good life. But what what some advice may be of how to do you have any advice or tips for how to research which underneath to try to get to the truth I just want the truth or at least access to different what people believe to be true and then I can make my own interpretation of truth.

An0maly [34:18]
Well, sounds like you’re doing good and you’re good person I think that’s probably most important is just in your own day. You know, being being a good person is probably probably a good impact on the world but in order to decipher stuff I think I really think it starts internally in the sense of like, if you’re honest with yourself, I think you’ll be able to discern good information and if you work on yourself self accountability try to become a better person not make excuses. I think that’s how you really get to the truth because even in even in the truth or movement, you know, there’s a big truth or movement on social media some of these people are so like emotionally sporadic that they’re not really true thurs you know, like they’re, they’re, they’re onto the right path. But they don’t have the, you know, discernment to understand what’s real and what’s not. So I see a lot of these truths. They’ll believe anything like I could just say like, there’s an alien, you know, in Washington DC, and he’s fighting the deep state and they’ll literally believe it because it goes against the media. So I think that’s a problem on both sides, where people are just too unstable. And I think it starts like internally where if you’re, if you’re emotional and you hate A lot of times, you become what you hate. If you hate the president, so much, you’ll believe anything. You’re easy to puppet around. It’s like, well, Trump said this. So you do this and they got people doing anything. They don’t even know what they believe I saw yesterday, Trump pardoned Susan B. Anthony, and I saw two different takes from people hate them. One of them said she was like a racist, horrible person. And then another one said she was a great person, but Trump shouldn’t have pardoned her because she wanted to be a criminal. It’s like these people are so desperate to hate the president they’ll say or do anything, and then vice versa people who love the president who hate his opposition? They get fooled. I saw I saw them get fooled into supporting an anti free speech bill because they hate so much. You know, they they’re they’re easy to control us. I think if people stop hating so much, and have discernment, it’s a lot better to get to the truth. And I think in order to share it with people, a lot of people are very biased. A lot of people are very hateful towards the other side. And that if you say you like socialism, and communism, and you just say socialism sucks, which is a big phrase on the right wing. Nobody’s gonna listen to that. Oh, you know what he said, it sucks. I guess I’m wrong like that. That doesn’t explain. So it’s like, you got to explain why and try to have some sort of compassion. Because even for me, it’s like, I was 19. I, I was in that mindset. I did. I fell for a lot of these traps when I was younger. So I remember how it was as opposed to just like acting like it’s brand new. So I think that’s a good way to get it to people. But I really think on a on a mental level. Everything starts internally A lot of people in politics are angry, emotional, hateful, and they’re just projecting and it’s like, you can’t live your life that way. It’s like a child fight. I’m only I’m 30 years old. Most people in politics are 5060 acting like children. It’s really pathetic and and insane, that they act that way. So I think it really does start inside.

Krisstina Wise [37:21]
I love that. Now let’s talk about music a little bit are where does the music industry fit into inside of this? Are you an anomaly when it comes to music and how you you publish this kind of that, you know, on the outside?

An0maly [37:35]
Yeah, it’s been a good journey. Um, I started when I was 19. Like I said, I had funny hair. I was younger, like they had interest in me because I was getting a lot of views. And they never really fully believed in me. They wanted to dress me up, talk about women talk about drugs, like they wanted to make me like a stereotypical type person. And I never I never took the bait. I read my own contracts. I never had a lawyer. I just Every time I said no, I turned everything down and I had an attitude. I always thought that’s stupid. Like what I liked was was real things. Like I was like, I don’t like all this fake stuff. I don’t think it’s going to work. So I stuck to my guns. It took 10 years from when I was 18 to and I’m like almost 30 now. And now I’m getting more streams on my music more plays my engagement. I dropped the music video two days ago, I think I have like almost 1000 comments on Instagram. It’s more than most signed artists. So it’s I stuck to my guns. I was able to monetize on my own and now I do so much that I don’t need to feel like I need to drop an album like I can do it whenever because I’m financially stable. And I just did a big stuff show in Sturgis with thousands of people. It happened just through doing my own thing and the lead singer the band traps had hit me up and just said hey, I like your videos, let’s hang out and then we did a song together so it’s much more natural, completely uncontrolled by the industry. And that’s that’s been a blast. So I’ve been able to kind of make and succeed without them. But at the same time, I don’t feel the need to have to do anything because because I do so many things that it’s like if I want to take six months off, no one can say not to

Krisstina Wise [39:14]
write. So tell me a little bit and the word you know the spoken word to kind of a new word for me. So what is spoken word and how does that fit into your type of music?

An0maly [39:25]
I guess before even the the political video started taking off, I did a few spoken word poems that did pretty well on Facebook and stuff. So it’s just like poetry with without the rapping I guess more like, yeah, more poetic. Like they do it like slam poetry stuff. So I did a little bit of that. I just kind of go through how I’m feeling and if it makes sense, but I haven’t done it in a minute, but I still like it. I

Krisstina Wise [39:51]
love it. All right. Well, let’s say we’re bumping up against our time together. My gosh, that went by so fast. Thank you. So a few questions to wrap up. Tell me something I’d love just a little bit of a get to know you a little bit more. So if you said, Christina, if you really really knew me, you would know that like, What’s something that people don’t really know about you?

An0maly [40:12]
Hmm, wow, that’s that’s a deep question. I guess maybe that I like sports. I like the beach. Like a lot of times. I’m pretty tall. I’m six, three. I sit down when I do my thing. So when people see me like, oh, he actually looks taught that he was small, like, I love basketball. I love soccer. I love volleyball. I love you know, sports a lot. I guess that’s something most people don’t know. But I’ve been so so engulfed in what I’m doing that it’s been a crazy journey. But yeah, I guess. I guess that’s that’s something that a lot of people don’t know.

Krisstina Wise [40:46]
Love it. Tell me a brag moment. What’s something you’re really proud of?

An0maly [40:51]
She probably price getting 600 million views and Facebook has been publishing like a list of the top post in the United States and I was number five. One day I’d be almost every media company the president almost literally everybody I was number five so No, I think on that list there’s there’s never been someone that has no manager no label like no no budget. So you know, that was pretty cool and uh hanging out with Roseanne was kind of tight to from time.

Krisstina Wise [41:22]
Congratulations again just speaks volumes of who you are. Tell me like a big fat failure like something and you’re like, holy shit Why did I do that or if I had that to do all over again?

An0maly [41:34]
Yeah, I guess when I first started wrapping, I had a lot of views and a lot of traction and I lost my ad revenue because I was clicking on my own ads. By mistake. I didn’t fully know how it work. I was young and they like banned me permanently. I started a new channel but I I went from basically like really crushing to like, having no, nobody care about it. So it’s like I went from being pretty pretty well known to like 50 views, 100 views and like, I think the biggest mistake I made that I would tell myself when I was younger was do your own thing. I tried to capitulate to music labels slow down my own movement to like, please them and do what they did. And it was a mistake. And also, when I was younger, I was more envious. I was more I didn’t, I didn’t have the self awareness I have now and like the gratefulness and that really screwed me over. That’s why I can’t stand the media tells people to be hateful, to be jealous to want more. And it’s the whole wrong mindset. And that really kept me held me back because I was not appreciative for what I had. And sometimes they say, you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. And I lost. I feel like I lost everything for a couple of years.

Krisstina Wise [42:44]
Yeah, well, thank you for sharing that. All right, one final question to wrap this up, and they will see what the podcast is all about. mythbusting really just bringing different points of view new points of view. really my goal with this is just to create like aha moments ago. Wow, I just never thought about something that way, and bringing those like you on the show to to bust some status quo or to bust mindset. So is there you’re kind of a mythbuster anyway, but is there one big fat myth that you’d like to call out?

An0maly [43:14]
Yeah, I guess it would be that, uh, you know, the news is accurate or some form of like adult education, I think the media is far more twisted and far more wicked than a lot of people realize. And it’s such a, such a group effort to really control so much of the flow is that you see it in a few places, and you really think, oh, man, this must be true, because it’s like, these are authoritative figures. But they’re so twisted and they’re so negative, and they’re really almost inverting a positive mindset, a spiritual mindset, a good way to think about the world and to think about events in order to be successful. I think the negative impact that they’re having on our country in the world is so radically horrible. You know, it’s really controlling a lot have our problems so I think that that would be the the big myth is that the news is is education or the news is you know true information it’s it’s like almost it’s almost like a manifestation like they don’t just report what’s happening they create the story that they want you to believe and they have unless it’s like a magician they have unlimited ways unlimited angles, unlimited twists, unlimited creations now they could just say an anonymous source said that somebody else said that this said it doesn’t mean anything you know it means that that’s what they want to say so I think if people realize that we could we could heal this country a lot quicker

Krisstina Wise [44:37]
that well anomaly where can people find you if they’re interested in your music and just interested in following your voice and what you have to say your point of view?

An0maly [44:46]
Yeah, it’s it to search anywhere. It’s anomaly but the O’s is zero. So it’s a N as in Nancy zero, the number zero m as in Mary a Li so anomaly with the zero for the Oh, Instagram is true. Rare that’s easier to spell Dr. m AR ar e, and I have a Facebook and YouTube’s just in the last couple of days I did a rant I did a political video I did a music video and then I just did a comedy video about masks. It’s pretty funny. I’m proud of myself. I don’t I don’t usually do comedy that’s probably the first time in a while but I was so annoyed at it that I was like if I don’t make a joke out of this I’m just gonna be ticked off so I made like a funny like the world’s biggest mask fan. So check that out.

Krisstina Wise [45:28]
I love it. I haven’t seen that one yet. I’ll check that up after we actually drop off. All right anomaly you’ve been amazing. Thank you so much for you know, you’re just a brave man and just a genuine spirit. I love that you really are about love and peace and truth and doing good work. It’s not about sides. It’s not about politics. It’s it’s just really about freedom. So I’m really grateful. I know you’re busy man. Take your time with us here today is I’m very grateful. So thank you,

An0maly [45:55]
no problem. Appreciate you. Thank you.

What We Covered

[1:40] What is your backstory? Who is An0maly

[5:55] When you talk about the they in big corporations who are the they?

[8:30] Tell us about how you have been censored, that experience on social media. Tell us how it has affected you in all areas of your life. Tell us the implications this could have on us and the dangers involved.

[13:20] What is your belief of the reason why?

[16:20] How are people ok with giving away all their freedoms?

[21:09] You have done your research on Marxism and communism. How do you see that at play? What are some of the propaganda you are seeing nowadays?

[24:49] So why now ? I have always taken my freedoms for granted and have been oblivious to politics until recently.

[32:08] Walk me through a day in the life of An0maly.

[33:24] What can we do? How do we find out what is true?

[37:20] Lets talk about your music.

[39:14] Tell me about spoken word and how it fits in with your music.

[39:59] Krisstina if you really really knew me you would know that?

[40:45] Tell me a brag moment.

[41:26] Tell me a big fat failure.

[42:46] Tell us a myth you would like to bust.

[44:38] Where can people find you?




“Someone like Alex Jones, he was one of the first people who got deleted off of social media. He got deleted off everything within 24 hours. So it was Apple, Google, Spotify. They had to have met somewhere and said, we’re going to take him down today.”


“So with my page on Facebook, I think I’m almost at 2 million people and like 600 million views, so it’s been very big. And I started seeing censorship over this shutdown. They’ve used this pandemic really as a way to usher in more censorship under the guise of you know, health.”


“Political correctness is at a point where you can’t combat it, you know, you’re racist, you’re sexist, you’re they have a word for everything.”


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