#176 – Book Writing Made Simple with Sam Horn

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Episode Summary

Welcome back, this is your host, Krisstina Wise. Have you ever thought about writing a book? If so — Then you’ll want to listen to this conversation with my good friend, Sam Horn.

In this Episode, Sam inspired me to write my Book #2 by sharing her magical book-writing framework that makes outlining a book and writing it super simple. She took away any great excuse I’ve had to procrastinate to get to writing!

Sam is a prolific author who specializes in helping people crystallize their communications and write their books. She is truly one of the most clever people I have ever met!

Sam is Founder and CEO of the Intrigue Agency, and she’s done 3 TEDx talks and written 9 books. One of her most well-loved books is called Tongue Fu!, which gives you an idea about how clever she is. Another book of hers that I absolutely love is called POP, which is all about naming and pitching things. If you are a business owner — you know how important this skill is!

Sam is an internationally popular speaker, and she is also one of the founders of the Maui Writers Conference, which is like the Cannes film festival for writers. She has helped countless writers by teaching them and inspiring them– and she has definitely just inspired me to get my second book done!

So grab a coffee, sit down and be inspired– Please enjoy my conversation with the great Sam Horn.


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What We Covered

  • [2:00] Who Is Sam Horn
  • [3:10] It does feel like in recent times that we got used to living on earth and now we have been dropped on mars.
  • [3:59] Tell us about your books, and what you are doing to help authors like myself.
  • [7:35] Has there ever been a better time to start writing a book?
  • [8:39] Here is the blueprint to kickstart your book writing process
  • [20:52] It is wow I can do that! It really is the getting started part where you face that initial resistance.
  • [21:48] How do I create the time to write? What do you recommend for finding time to write?
  • [24:58] Tell us more about the boxes to frame our books.
  • [26:35] Here is a sample quiz to reference
  • [32:02] The Process of turning the idea of “The 10 things I learned from one on one coaching over the past 12 months” into a concrete book idea
  • [38:15] There was something that happened this year coaching that really took you by surprise what was that?
  • [43:19] Do you feel how through this conversation the book feels alive now and how people are going to be so grateful to you for sharing this knowledge.
  • [45:56] Let me tell you a story about a problem that 9 out of 10 writers are faced with.
  • [52:44]: Tell our audience where people can find you.


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