#174 – Super Hero Immunity with Dr Vincent Pedre

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Episode Summary

Have you heard of Quercetin or NAC? Do you know what to stack them with to be more effective? We talk about this and many other things to help boost your immune system in this episode with Dr. Vincent Pedre.

Dr. Vincent Pedre is the medical director of Pedre Integrative Health and the founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness. He is an MD and a Functional Medicine certified practitioner with his own private practice in New York City since 2004. He’s also certified in yoga and medical acupuncture.

Dr. Pedre’s specialty is the gut. He believes the gut is the gateway to excellent health and a better brain. He’s the best selling author of Happy Gut, the cleansing program to help you lose weight, gain energy, and eliminate pain. He’s helped thousands of people resolve their digestive and gut-related health issues.

In this episode, we talk about why antibiotics, pesticides, sugar, GMO foods, mono-crops, and loss of seed diversity are threats to biodiversity and resulting in the rise in many diseases seemingly unrelated to the gut, such as allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disease. We talked about cutting edge science which reveals the importance of gut-brain access, and he even shares his recommended immune boost supplement regimen that’s especially important during this time of COVID.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Vincent Pedre. If you’d like to know what yours truly has been up to over the past many weeks, please go to sovereigntyacademy.com to learn more. Again please enjoy my insightful conversation with Vincent Pedre.

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What We Covered

[6:15] What is the limiting mindset people tend to have? What mindset would you recommend to cultivate?

[11:36] How does your spiritual practices help in conjunction with your medical practices? How does all that help influence positive self-worth?

[17:38] What are the most Self Sabotaging behaviors that people are falling prey to in this new paradigm we are living in?

[20:35] What is your advice on how to create new behaviors that can reinforce and help create new healthy habits?

[24:12] The gut has been called the second brain of the body. It is vital to keeping our immune system healthy. So how do we keep the gut operating at its highest efficiency?

[28:42] So what strategies should we be using to have the strongest immune system we can have? If we do get the virus what can we do to help lessen it?

[38:10] How do you manage stress in these stressful times? How do you get a better night’s sleep?

[42:48] What is your outlook on life right now?

[46:55] If you knew me you would know that?

[48:56] Share with me a brag moment.

[50:52] What is a Myth you would like to bust?

Links Mentioned

Happy Gut

Sovereignty Academy

Dr. Vincent Pedre’s Site

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