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#166 – Express Your Creative Freedom with Lee Selman

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Episode Summary

If Lee Selman’s not running the numbers or strategizing for Paleo Treats, she’s creating beautiful art for her other company ManRabbit. She is a successful businesswoman as one personality and, a sought after artist as another. To top it off, when she’s not making tasty paleo treats or creating a new piece of art, she practices Filipino street fighting with stick, sword, and knife — So you don’t want to mess with her!

Lee is the co-founder and co-owner of Paleo Treats, the best healthy dessert you have ever tasted. She is an adventurous spirit, and a professional camel handler by trade, and spent many years running an expedition company in West Africa in the Sahara.

During our conversation, we discuss how to be a creative and entrepreneur without sacrificing one for the other. Lee is breaking the rules of traditional business and using her creative genius to grow her businesses through humor and fun while giving back to her community. We touch on how Lee manages the day to day operations at Paleo Treats with her husband Nik and the ways the two of them build on each other’s strengths to form a powerful team.

Lee is inspirational in so many ways, her vision for creativity and the ability to find creative inspiration in atypical places are worth learning from. If you want to expand your creativity and mindfulness be sure to check out this episode!

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What We Covered 

  • [3:51] – Lee Selman artist known as ManRabbit
  • [9:35] – How Paleo Treats became what it is today
  • [14:49] – What are some of the unexpected highs and lows of running your business
  • [21:36] – The fun is more than a marketing initiative
  • [24:23] – Think of a more nutrient-rich diet
  • [26:59] – What’s it like being in business with your significant other?
  • [30:29] – How Lee finds a balance between Paleo Treats, her art, and home life
  • [34:17] – Being mindful in business and relationships
  • [36:28] – As an artist how do you value your work?
  • [42:05] – Where does your creativity stem from?
  • [44:44] – Do you deal with self-doubt when creating your art?
  • [50:25] – The story of the name ManRabbit
  • [51:55] – If you really knew Lee you would know that…
  • [52:08] – Lee’s unique skillset as a camel handler and Philipino street fighter
  • [56:51] – Something Lee is most proud of.
  • [57:26] – Lee’s myth-busting


[Tweet “It’s really easy to say I can’t do something because blank, and I want to skip all that and go straight to doing.“]

[Tweet “If you stay in a mindful space there’s creativity everywhere“]

[Tweet “You have to be mindful enough to pivot.“]

[Tweet “It’s not even work, and I think that’s the secret, to make your work fun not a chore.“]

[Tweet “One of the biggest compliments is to have one of my employees come in and say she couldn’t wait to get back to work.“]

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Check out ManRabbit art

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