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#161 – The Purposeful Entrepreneur Revealed With Jeff Hays

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Episode Summary

Do you have that one friend that everyone knows? For me, that’s Jeff Hays. Strangely enough, I was recommended by a friend to Jeff and as luck would have it, that same day he found himself sitting directly next to me.

Jeff is a filmmaker and serial entrepreneur best known for his revealing documentaries. Some of his most known documentaries are Fahrenhype 9/11 (2004) and On Native Soil (2006), which was short-listed for an Academy Award. He has a series of compelling “Revealed” health documentaries including The GMO’s Revealed, The Skinny On Fat, Bought, Doctored, and his current project Cancer Revealed.

Taking on the financial world in a similar style to his past documentary series’, Jeff has produced Money Revealed and is working on Wealth Breakthroughs and Women and Money. He has featured yours truly in his “Money Revealed” and “Women and Money” documentaries.

In this episode, Jeff shares the ups and downs of his incredible life as a film producer. With a humble outlook on life, he talks about some of his biggest moments as well as the lows and how no matter the situation, Jeff always found himself with wealth even if it wasn’t always financial wealth.

Jeff’s wisdom, love for authentic friendship, and nuggets of truth are a learning lesson for anyone. If you want to learn from a genuine and successful entrepreneur, be sure to check out this episode.

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What We Covered 

  • [2:52] – How the universe brought me and Jeff together 
  • [7:00] – Who is Jeff Hays?
  • [13:26] – What does Jeff value most?
  • [16:38] – Friends vs friendly business associates
  • [20:20] – What motivates Jeff to make his style of films and an interesting story of his film Fahrenhype 9/11
  • [36:12] – The story behind some of Jeff’s revealed series
  • [47:10] – What’s revealed to you as the man behind the camera?
  • [51:35] – The subject of Jeff’s upcoming book
  • [56:21] – What has led Jeff to his latest journey and exploration
  • [1:02:03] – What would be your biggest brag?
  • [1:03:04] – If you really knew Jeff Hays you would know…
  • [1:04:22] – Jeff’s myth-busting


[Tweet “I had to educate myself to learn the difference between friends and friendly business associates.”]

[Tweet “My highest value is relationships.”]

[Tweet “I look for stories that want to be told, things that need to get out there but don’t have a voice.”]

[Tweet “I don’t need the adulation of a fan base. I need exactly the opposite. I need the affection of my friends.”]

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