#145 – How A Hair Test Can Change Your Daily Health with Barton Scott

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Episode Summary

Barton Scott and I met at a wachuma experience some time ago, and the more I learned about his company, the more I realized that I needed to have him on the Wealthy Wellthy podcast to share his knowledge with my listeners. Coming from a chemical engineering background, Barton knew that something strange was going on when, as a college athlete, his body was being depleted of nutrients even though he was taking plenty of supplements every day. His suspicions were confirmed when tests came back revealing that he was deficient in a lot of the same minerals he was taking every day, meaning that there was an issue with absorption. He soon realized that this was not an isolated situation but that many people who take supplements of certain minerals never actually receive the intended benefits.

Barton started Upgraded Formulas as a solution to this widespread problem, focusing first on doing hair analysis rather than blood to assess clients’ health trends over the past 6 weeks, and then using a technology Barton created to make the minerals able to be absorbed without digestion. On this episode, Barton gives me a consultation based on the results of my hair analysis, and the findings were very intriguing to say the least. He gave me several recommendations of supplements to take or stop taking to get my minerals and heavy metals into the optimal ranges. I really appreciated Barton joining me on the show and I hope that you found his insights helpful for your own wellbeing!

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What We Covered 

  • [0:54] – How Barton and I met.
  • [4:26] – Barton shares his story and why he founded the company.
  • [8:57] – The two things that set Upgraded Formulas apart and help the body to absorb the minerals it needs.
  • [10:14] – What are minerals and what do they do?
  • [13:52] – Barton’s intro to my hair analysis consultation.
  • [17:50] – Why hair testing is more effective than blood testing.
  • [21:35] – Barton reads through my results in terms of heavy metals.
  • [25:46] – The consultation continues with Barton walking listeners through my results on the 7 significant ratios, providing specific “fixes” for each one that is not in normal ranges.
  • [32:51] – Barton talks about skin care, brain health, and mitochondrial damage protection.
  • [35:44] – From an experiential point of view, I describe the difference I notice between a hair and blood analysis consultation.
  • [41:16] – Barton’s specific recommendations for people wanting to feel better.
  • [43:12] – He describes how absorption happens and why most supplements are not as effective as they should be.
  • [47:12] – The products that Upgraded Formulas sells and their goal as a company.
  • [51:04] – What kinds of differences might people be able to notice if they take Barton’s advice after their consultation?
  • [53:43] – Barton emphasizes the importance of testing and not guessing to find which supplements your body needs.
  • [54:57] – At under $200, this hair analysis was much cheaper than blood testing for the same amount of data.
  • [56:31] – Mythbusting: Barton wants to make sure everyone knows that one particular diet is not the solution for everyone out there looking to be healthier.


[Tweet “The value is in the integration. It’s not just in the experience – it’s how you apply it to your life.”]

[Tweet “I was already taking a lot of the things I was deficient in.”]

[Tweet “There must be so many people that are not getting traction or the help they need with their issues.”]

[Tweet “Minerals drive everything in the body.”]

[Tweet “By optimizing your mineral deficiencies, your brain, body, relationships, everything works better.”]

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