#132 – The Secrets To Vitality With Neil Cannon

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Episode Summary

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise is Neil Cannon. Neil is an award winning health coach, speaker, podcast host of The Vitality Secret Podcast and a best selling author of The Vitality Secret, a book inspired from witnessing the health of his father deteriorate unnecessarily. Neil made it his quest to understand chronic inflammation and discovered that so many ailments stem from inflammation.

In this episode Neil and I discuss the 3 parts to healing and the most important healing factor that is totally missed by Western Medicine and dogma. Neil best known for helping reverse illnesses like diabetes, arthritis and even cancer. If you’re dealing with chronic inflammatory conditions you’ll want to listen to this conversation.

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What We Covered

  • [2:16] Neil tells about his book and the inspiration behind it
  • [4:35] The body has more healing powers than modern medicine may understand
  • [7:59] Symptoms of an ailment are your body’s gift of communication
  • [11:14] Neil shares an inside look at his holistic health approach
  • [22:56] Stress levels are just as important as diet and exercise
  • [29:04] The brain and the heart dancing together
  • [35:00] Reflection and being aware of your triggers
  • [37:55] Our body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone believes
  • [41:16] Neil shares about inflammation and what he finds in common between most clients
  • [44:53] How do you find time for self improvement?
  • [48:13] Finding more fulfillment in life
  • [51:22] Optimal health, stress levels and wealth all cross paths at some point
  • [53:18] Neil busts his myth

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Get a free copy of my book “Falling For Money” here

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