#121 – The Real In Real Estate With Amanda McMillan

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Episode Summary

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise I interview Amanda McMillan. Amanda is in the top 1 percent in the field of real estate. I’ve known Amanda for years and always held her in the highest regard as one of the best real estate professionals in the industry. Last year she sold over 50 million dollars in real estate. She’s a mom, a wife, and even an equestrian. Amanda consistently ranks among the top 50 agents in Chicago and has been in the top 1 percent of Chicago Realtors for closed volume and closed number of transactions every year since 2006.

In this episode Amanda and I focus on earnings as part of my ESI (Earn, Spend, Invest) financial model. She shares her mindset and practices for how she earns over a million dollars per year while still balancing being a mother and wife. Amanda leaves us with her overall strategy of how simplifying things usually works best.

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What We Covered

  • [2:04] Amanda tells us about herself and how real estate became a part of her life
  • [5:20] We learn what Amanda believes is the 1% factor that attributes to her success
  • [11:49] Amanda shares tips for finding and working with a real estate professional
  • [16:49] Why getting advice from a professional is important
  • [18:08] Amanda shares what drives her passion to keep improving
  • [21:01] We discuss filtering the noise and finding what works best for you
  • [26:54] Amanda shares her perspective on working hard
  • [30:30] Choosing to give your honest opinion over likeability
  • [32:11] Amanda talks about implementing systems to improve efficiency
  • [35:01] We discuss building a team and sharing your vision
  • [38:03] Amanda differentiates between the promoter and the practitioner
  • [41:56] We talk about finding the balance with a busy schedule
  • [45:43] Amanda shares about learning to let go of control and delegate
  • [48:38] We get a glimpse into Amanda’s home life after a busy day
  • [50:27] The importance of being present with your partner amidst the noise
  • [55:12] We bust the myth of searching for perfection
  • [57:31] Amanda’s philosophy on money
  • [59:22] The importance of having a mentor


[Tweet “For me it’s about simplifying and doing what you do great.“]

[Tweet “I see honesty as respect. If i respect a person I’m gonna be honest with them. Even if it costs me.“]

[Tweet “If you’re on this constant quest for perfection, you’re missing so much of the great ride while you’re on it.“]

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Get a free copy of my book “Falling For Money” here

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