How your house and car are bleeding your bank account dry

One of the biggest traps we’re lured into maxes out our living expenses so that there’s no room for anything else.   And while your house and car can be assets – they can also be massive expenses that are maxing out your budget and keeping you trapped.   These two necessities make it seem […]

#20 – Jason Giorgio: Insurance Companies Are Taking Advantage of You

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The Money Truth That Will Save You

Recently, I posted an article about how to effectively save for vacation. It’s important to me that I take a break every once in awhile. I need the time to recharge and reconnect with what’s important to me. Everyone needs that. But one of my readers came back to me with this criticism: It’s easy […]

Compound Interest 101

I was recently asked by a Mindful Money Course member about compound interest. The question was: “How do I start generating compound interest?” In order to answer that question, I think it will help to delve a little deeper into the definition of compound interest. Compound interest can make you rich. Albert Einstein said that […]