Who are we?

We are WealthyWellthy. An education company with the mission to teach you a new lifestyle. WealthyWellthy is a new perspective. The intersection of financial wealth and vibrant health. Many of us sacrifice one for the sake of the other. But both are required to live a good life. Both are required to reach a place of freedom and peace of mind.

Who is behind WealthyWellthy?

Krisstina Wise is a Millionaire Coach, real estate mogul, and creator of several multi-million dollar businesses including Goodlife Luxury, The Paperless Agent and most recently, WealthyWellthy. She is also an international speaker and award-winning author of the Amazon Best-Seller Falling for Money, a romance novel for your bank account. Named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in the country, she has been featured in USA TODAY, as well as by Apple, Contactually and Evernote for her creative leadership with emerging technologies

Why did she start WealthyWellthy?

After nearly losing her life in 2013 and spending almost half a million dollars to get it back, she is changing the world again by inspiring others to build extraordinary wealth and optimal health. By sharing her extreme successes and abysmal failures, Krisstina reveals the elusive secrets of the uber wealthy (and why health is where to invest first). Through cutting-edge, research-based education, access to the world’s top wealth strategists and doctors, Krisstina is helping millions each year discover the true path to wealth, health, and happiness.

What is WealthyWellthy Live?

This bi-annual event, held in Austin,Tx  is where Krisstina comes to educate and bring WealthyWellthy to LIFE. WWL is two full days of learning, transforming, contributing and relationship-building. With one day fully dedicated to wealth & business and the other to Wellth (health) & relationships, Krisstina will bring her collective network of unconventional leaders and experts in Finance, Medicine and Relationships for a truly unrivaled mastermind. Prepare to dive deep into provocative conversations and learn the secrets of these nonconformists playing big in this game called life. You will leave this event changed. Ready for more success, freedom and happiness. WealthyWellthy Live is the epicenter for new age thinking and innovation. It’s where Krisstina presents her new and best work in the areas of wealth and business – work that will undoubtedly leave you with the exact steps you need to take to create uncommon success in the good life categories of Money, Health and Love.

Will YOU be one of our unconventional leaders/experts at the next WealthyWellthy Live?

Every event season we thoughtfully curate our uniquely selected line up of experts in the fields of finance, business, health and relationships. We begin our careful selection process with the core belief that our bodies are our number one asset and from there we’re able to focus on obtaining, growing and taking care of the others. We are extremely passionate about the people, products and services that we personally know and use in our daily lives. Our attendees KNOW that when we introduce them to you, it is because we greatly BELIEVE in your expertise, mission and purpose. That you are in alignment with our values and integrity. 


We promise our attendees a transformational, thought and belief altering experience. That will come from the teachings of Krisstina, the expertise and knowledge YOU have to share, but also from the relationships, conversations and learnings that will come from all the others in the room. 


All those that attend WealthyWellthy Live have commonalities. Everyone in the room is wise, often an entrepreneur and a successful one at that, eager to learn, humble, engaging, questioning, and pioneering who ALL have something to share, teach and contribute to the rest. 


That being said, you’re being selected as a designated expert because Krisstina and the WealthyWellthy team feel you have ample experience, knowledge, wit, and expertise that align with our values, mission and theme for this specific event. You have something unique we feel will help in our efforts to transform lives and thoughts on February 28th and 29th. 


As Krisstina Wise and the WealthyWellthy team, WE are excited to discuss how you can participate at our next event!

What is expected of me as a WealthyWellthy Live Expert?

As an expert at WealthyWellthy Live you’re expected to attend both full days of the event. We ask you to actively participate in the event as an attendee. Therefore we’re asking you to show up in three ways 1. As an expert in your field willing to share and teach 2. For many of you, as a business owner with something amazing to offer and open to building incredible business and personal relationships and 3. As an active attendee, eager to learn and engage just as all other attendees. We mentioned above the types of attendees that you will be sharing the room with – many with something to teach themselves. The stage aside, we are all the same. Human and always hold room to grow and to learn, no matter how successful and knowledgeable we are in some things.

It is because of this that we ask all experts to purchase a ticket to the event. 1. Because we assume all of our experts will and have the desire to learn and engage like such that of our attendees and 2. Because you’re given the opportunity to actively promote you and your business. 

***That being said, we are allotting you an ‘expert price’ of 50% off your ticket***

How will I participate each day as a WealthyWellthy Live Expert?

Each day is broken up by category: 

Day 1: is fully dedicated wealth/finance and business. It is on this day that Krisstina will do an ample amount of her teachings. We find it very important for you to be in attendance for this (as well as the rest of the event) that way you’re able to connect your teachings to ours. We’ve found our attendees get so much more out of the event when everyone and their teachings connect and relate. We also hope you learn just as much as those around you do. 

Day 2: is fully dedicated to health and relationships. I think we all have something to learn in these categories 😉 

Evening of Day 2: is our VIP Deeper Dinner Party. You’re expected to attend this dinner in that it’s the best time for our attendees to have ‘access’ to you and for you to be able to build relationships and maybe even close some deals. Your ticket will be COMPED for this dinner.

As an expert you will participate in two exercises,The Fishbowl and The Shift and Share, on your assigned day. Day 1 all of our wealth/business experts will participate in the following exercises. Day 2 all of our health/relationship experts will participate in the following exercises.

What is a Fishbowl and how do I participate?

This is similar to your traditional panel. You will be in the front of the room with your fellow wealth/business experts and will be interviewed and lead in conversation by Krisstina. This is meant to be casual and conversational and gives our attendees the opportunity to learn more about you and engage. After the attendees have an idea of who each of you are and your field of expertise we will break up into the second exercise: Shift and Share

What is a Shift and Share? and how do I participate?

You (and the other wealth/business experts) will be assigned a specific room in the space in which you will teach. You will stay in the same room for the entirety of the exercise. The attendees will be separated into small groups – and will move from room to room every 25 minutes (or so) to learn from each individual expert. It is up to you how you want to lead your Shift and Share. Some come with a talk prepared – some simply just hold a Q&A. But be prepared to share! If you have any specific requests for your room – you’ll have the opportunity to express that in your form.

When does each day begin and end?

Dates: February 28th and 29th: 

Day 1 will begin at 8:00am and ends around 5:00pm.


Day 2 will 8:00am and ends around 8:00pm (due to the VIP Deeper Dinner Party.)

*As an expert, your ticket to the VIP Deeper Dinner Party will be covered by us.*

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