The Cure to Incurable Disease

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Detoxification is a health ritual that I’m really passionate about because it saved my life.

All my life, I’d been unaware that my body does not produce the glutathione it needs to break down toxins. For years, I had unknowingly consumed toxic food that slowly broke my body down. In 2013, I was on my deathbed with lethal levels of metals in my body.

When I turned to alternative medicine, the ancestral diet and supplements that were “prescribed” to me produced significant changes. But what really accelerated my recovery, and where I really started to feel I was getting better, was in detoxification, in sauna therapy. It’s been routine for me ever since.

Recently, however, I’ve upgraded from basic sauna therapy to near-infrared sauna therapy. All thanks to SaunaSpace.

I stumbled upon SaunaSpace at the Bulletproof Conference earlier this year, and actually won my own near-infrared pocket sauna! I’ve loved the sauna – not only because of its effects and its design, but because of the mission behind SaunaSpace. Its founder Brian Richards shares a story very similar to mine.

I was fortunate to interview Brian recently on the WealthyWellthy Life podcast, and we talked extensively about detoxification, near-infrared sauna therapy, and how SaunaSpace is working to make it convenient and accessible. Because, basically, everyone should consider keeping a near-infrared sauna in their home.

Here’s why:

Disease is caused by toxins in the body.

BR: Toxicity, and having a toxic body is not just a part of why we’re unhealthy. It’s entirely the reason we’re unhealthy…There are no real diseases so to speak. What we have is a complex both physiological biochemical system and a bioluminescence system that is our body, that is either functioning optimally, or somehow compromised either by environmental and oxidative stress, or toxins, or heavy metals, or what have you.

So it’s crucial that we detox.

BR: We in the west [are] sitting in air conditioned environments. We’re out of the sun. Our food is toxic, our water is toxic. We’re not sweating at all, and if we are sweating it’s in an exercise environment, which doesn’t detox you. It stresses out your body further, and what people really need is to bring themselves out of sympathetic dominances, out of oxidative stress, and relax…We need to get the toxins out of our cells and then out of our body to even have the groundwork for an optimal cell and an optimal system.

Fortunately, our bodies have (nearly) everything they need to heal…

BR: It’s a myth that you need an invasive risky surgery or pharmaceutical chemicals to heal your body. The truth is your body has everything it needs to heal itself… Everybody actually has almost everything they need to improve their wellbeing, and their condition in life, whether it’s some joint pain, or it’s some very serious health stuff, or whatever it is. 

They just need a little boost. Heat and near-infrared light both provide that boost.

BR: It’s built into our basic biology to benefit from near-infrared light and heat, although they’re very distinct biological systems. The effects are overlapping. They’re very similar. They’re all regenerative, cellular healing, wound healing. All these incredible, almost miraculous effects.

Heat therapy stimulates the body’s circulatory, nervous and cognitive systems, initiating detoxification.

BR: It increases blood circulation. It increases tissue oxygenation. It promotes the production of human growth hormone. It improves the body’s insulin sensitivity. It promotes cell and tissue growth. It improves motor excitability so the functioning of the nervous system is improved. As well as promoting the production of this thing called BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor)…a crucial component of brain tissue and repairing the brain tissue.

It also activates the heat shock protein, which repairs damaged cells.

BR: The heat shock protein is basically this intelligent repairman in the cell, and he’s dormant in a resting state. When our bodies are at 98.6, this enzyme is not active, but if we heat the cell up several degrees for a period of minutes, we activate this heat shock protein. This repairman that goes around and fixes misfolded proteins, and reorders them, and corrects them, and also acts as a chaperone for immune bodies in the cells, which makes cellular detoxification more efficient.

Near-infrared light activates our cells’ mitochondria…

BR: You have cell receptors in your body that are activated by light…called photoreceptors. The only light that’s photo-biologically activating is this visible red light, and near infrared light — very specifically, 600 to 950 nanometers. It’s only that very tight bandwidth that activates all the photobiology in our body.

Mitochondria is activated by this red and near-infrared light.

Who also work to repair damage caused by toxins.

BR: When you stimulate mitochondria you have three basic things that happen: You increase cellular metabolism, you promote the release of nitric oxide, and you promote the modulation of this thing…called the reduced oxygen species. [All of this] leads to improving cellular metabolism and promoting collagen production, cellular and tissue growth, production of inflammatory mediators that reduce cellular inflammation…Most importantly, the nitric oxide leads to tissue oxygenation, and basic dilation, which is great because you need blood flow for any sort of healing.

Together, heat and near-infrared light powerfully and effectively reverse wounds, aging and “irreparable” disease.

BR: The detoxification and regeneration and rejuvenative effects of heat therapy is enhanced, and made profound and…detoxifying [and] repairing everything in the most powerful way possible, because we’re bringing mitochondria into detoxification repair.

The mitochondrial stimulation can actually prevent cell death. So we can go in and save cells that the body was going to destroy, and repair them. It’s improving people’s longevity, so people are living longer. It’s improving people’s cognitive functioning. It’s improving other very interesting things like nerve damage.

And so, the best way to detox is through near-infrared sauna therapy, which offers both heat and near-infrared light – without adverse side effects.

BR: All saunas give you heat therapy. Only near-infrared saunas give you light therapy. The only light therapy — when I say light therapy I’m referring to photobiology.

There are no negative effects. The only effects are positive, and beneficial, and healing, and amazing, and that doesn’t exist in conventional medicine.

And SaunaSpace has made it convenient and affordable.

BR: Everybody wants to look, and feel better, and they want that product that will do so with no side effects, and let’s face it, no effort. People don’t have any time for anything anymore. So, the fact that you can sit in the sauna in your house, and have all these benefits with such convenience in your house…That was the goal.

To learn more about SaunaSpace and near-infrared sauna therapy, listen to the full interview here

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