Six Ways to Transform Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

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The classic ingredients to good health: eat, sleep and exercise. A lot of us can conceive of eating and exercising better. But sleeping?

In a WealthyWellthy Life interview, SAMINA Sleep expert, Claus Pummer, said that 70% of us are getting inadequate sleep. And it’s taking a major toll on our health.

According to Claus, when we sacrifice our sleep, we compromise the time needed to recharge our minds and immune systems. Consequently, we develop inflammation and chronic disease.

To get better sleep, the best place to start is with your sleep space. Says Claus, you really ought to “create a sanctuary” out of your bedroom.

And so, here are Claus’ six tips to transform your bedroom for better sleep:

  1. Remove clutter. Clear your space. A mess is both mentally and physically disturbing. Don’t let it be the last thing you see before you go to bed!
  2. Remove and turn off all electronic devices. Turn off your cell phone, laptop, tablet, router, and other devices and physically remove them from your bedroom. The electromagnetic waves that these devices emit disrupt your red blood cells and oxygen flow. If you want to go the extra mile, turn off the breaker before you go to bed to ensure that everything is disconnected.
  3. Revert to incandescent lights and candlelight. Swap out your LED bulbs with old fashioned low wattage (40 watt) light bulbs. You can also use beeswax candles (absent of petroleum and chemicals) to create a warm atmosphere and promote the production of melatonin before bed.
  4. Blackout curtains. Your room should be pitch black! Invest in some blackout curtains to block outside light from filtering in. If you need a little light to wake up in the morning, Claus recommends a sunrise simulating alarm clock.
  5. Invest in wood floors. Carpet contains formaldehydes and is a host for dust mites and allergens. Claus recommends an all-organic hardwood floor with an organic oil finish, expensive as it may be. If that is unfeasible, he also suggests laminate flooring — still synthetic (not perfect), but better than carpet and other synthetic materials.
  6. Invest in a metal-free and chemical-free mattress. This is a big one. Most mattresses — even the luxury brands — are laden with allergens and chemicals. It is highly recommended that you invest in a metal-free, chemical-free, retardant-free, mattress that is 100% organic by European standards. Learn why he sets such high standards in the full interview here.

To learn more about sleep hygiene, Claus Pummer and SAMINA Organic Mattresses, click here.

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