Wealthy Wellthy Live

Achieve Uncommon Transformation in Wealth, Health, and Love.


February 28th & 29th, 2020 • Austin, TX

Are you Practical Or Spiritual?

Let’s walk the intersection of spiritual and practical when it comes to money and health.

New Age Business Mindset

Retrain your money manifestation and mindset. Start thinking about business and wealth from a new perspective

Modern Health Approach

Learn techniques and knowledge from today’s leading health experts and holistic healers.

Bringing together new age thinking and innovators

Live Agenda

Over 2 full days learn the tools and skills you need to breakthrough in the most important areas of your life.

Day 1: Money

Learn the true intersection of what some call “woo woo” money concepts and the practical ones. Inspire your money manifestation and align your financial mindset to match your goals. Learn the practical knowhow of building meaningful wealth, for true financial freedom.

Day 2: All things Health

Experts speaking from all areas of the health spectrum. The health industry has become an ever-evolving plethora of information, bio-hacking strategies, and diets. Breakthrough the “noise” and discover real trialed and true techniques from today’s leading health experts.

Keynote Speakers

Learn From Experts Like..

Krisstina Wise

Financial Wellness Coach

Lyn Graft

Story Telling For Entrepreneurs

Mike Dillard

mikedillard.com | Crypto Currency

Kim Butler

Financial Adviser

Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD

America's Holistic Gynecologist

Tim Francis

Founder | Great Assistant

Baldo and Jonathan

MSW Lounge ATX

Patrick Schecht


Laura Bautista

Holistic Health Practitioner

Tah and Kole Whitty

Bio Integration

Bernardo Mendez

Attracting The One

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You're Invited To Breakthrough

No matter where we are in life, we all get stuck and often struggle to understand why we’re not feeling fulfilled and abundant.


When it comes to our finances, our health and our relationships, this feeling of “stuck” can be especially prevalent.


At this event you’ll learn how to deconstruct the limiting patterns that have been keeping you from realizing your full potential.


You will face the fears that block you, and learn the tools to bust through the ceilings that have been holding you back from achieving true fulfillment.


At Wealthy Wellthy Live discover the exact steps you need to take to create uncommon success in the good life categories of Money, Health and Love.


Krisstina will bring her collective network of unconventional leaders and experts in Finance, Medicine and Relationships for a truly unrivaled mastermind. Prepare to dive deep into provocative conversations and learn the secrets of these nonconformists playing big in this game called life.


You will leave this event changed. Ready for more success, freedom and happiness.

Kind words from past guests

Here’s a few guest’s sharing their takeaways from our last event.

A final Word From Krisstina...

Some people tell me that between work and kids and life it’s often too challenging to make the time and space to join me for my live event. I get it – Time is a commodity that most of us have rationed in small amounts. But. And this is a huge “BUT” >>> Nothing replaces the experience of actually being in the room.

Why? Well, here’s my take: I’ve been working at my craft for many years – I know the material can change lives, and I know that I present it well to my audience. But I’m certain that the real magic doesn’t happen at the front of the room – The real magic takes place in the interactions and connections that happen throughout the weekend. It’s here that concepts solidify and take shape, where good ideas become great ideas that lead to growth and transformation.

At WealthyWellthy Live, the room gets filled with individuals who are willing to check their egos at the door and leave their superhero costumes at home. This goes for the high achieving financial wizards to the celebrity guests to the people that have just started their self development journey. Each and every person comes to my event to journey and upgrade together.

I’ve witnessed massive breakdowns and massive breakthroughs, and often I think the two go hand in hand. I am most proud of the fact that everyone in attendance creates a space to be real, to be vulnerable, to learn and to up-level. You’re not going to get this type of room and this caliber of experience anywhere else.

If you’ve read this far, then I feel confident in saying that you’re the kind of person who belongs in the room. I invite you to join me at my home in Austin, TX so we can all upgrade together.