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June 22nd - 23rd, 2018

Design Your Perfect Life At WealthyWellthy Live

Embark On A Total Life Makeover For A Richer, Healthier, More Satisfying Life

Learn Krisstina’s signature Life-by-Design models & systems for creating financial freedom, optimal health, and lasting happiness.

In this interactive mastermind, you’ll discover how to make more money in your business, keep more money in your personal life, and have the latest, cutting-edge tools for optimized health and your best relationships ever.

Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity To Remodel Your Wealth & Health

You’ll mingle with Krisstina’s personal, trusted advisors who are world-class thought leaders in health and relationships. You’ll be the first to learn Krisstina’s latest work and her signature wealth building blueprint.

Being in this room is the only chance you’ll have to work with Krisstina directly. It’s also the only way to get face to face with her curated experts.

During this experience, you’ll also be part of an instant network of like-minded peers who are growth-oriented, forward-thinking, successful leaders in their own lives.

This is where you need to be for this year’s ultimate business and life success.

Krisstina’s Modern Wealth Money & Life Systems

Two full days dedicated to








Agenda Map

June 22nd

Breakout Sessions with our world class Financial Experts

Our world class Financial Experts will teach and answer your questions on a variety of money making topics.

Mastermind: Network and mastermind your own personal genius <-- million dollar deals have been known to happen here!

VIP Dinner: With Krisstina, her network of Experts and Private Coaching Clients.

June 23rd

Keynote by Peter Sage

Breakout Sessions: Our world class Health Experts will teach and answer your questions on a variety of health-related topics.

Mastermind: Network and mastermind your own personal genius <-- million dollar deals have been know to happen here!

Wrap Up Session

June 24th

Power Collective Members Only

Private coaching and conversation with Krisstina and her WealthyWellthy Advisors.

If you think you would be interested in being a private coaching client of Krisstina's -- click here for a conversation with Krisstina to learn more.
(This way, you can plan to stay an extra day if you're ready to join her tribe of masters.)

You (and your spouse) are invited to devote these
2 days to design your best life.
It’s your future • Your financial freedom • Your good life.

Your Guide

Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, creator of several multi-million dollar businesses, an international speaker and Amazon best selling author. Krisstina was also named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in the country.

Now, Krisstina uses her own rags-to-riches, and sickness-to-health journey to inspire others to build Modern Wealth. Through cutting-edge, education, Krisstina shares the world’s top wealth and health strategists & resources to help others customize their true path to wealth, health, and happiness.

The Health and Wealth Experts

Dr. Kirk Parsley

Anti-Aging and Longevity

Peter Sage

Serial Entrepreneur
Author, Philosopher, Teacher

Ashvin Chheda

Wealthy Portfolio Strategy

Joe Dituri

PhD ©, CDR, US Navy Saturation Diving Officer(RET)

Mike Wolf

Freedom: Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Multimillionaire Investor, International Speaker

Lane Freeman

Integrative Biological Dentist
Oral Surgeon

John Welbourn

9 year veteran NFL
CEO Power Athlete HQ

John Howard


Willy Ogorzaly

Co-founder, Bitfract

Zach & Jess

Co-founders, La Familia Ayahuasca

Keith & Michelle Norris

CEO/CDO Paleof(x)

  • "This live event changed our lives. We were impressed with the amazing minds who were invited to speak at the conference, but were simultaneously learning along with everyone else. This conference and the content could easily be held at a HUGE conference centre and be sold out - the intimacy is DELIBERATE and as a result, we learned more and transformed our thinking and thus, our lives, in VERY DELIBERATE ways during and after that conference."

    Robyn Emde (Canada)

    "We now have real life strategies to handle our money (and our health), and now, instead of dreading the credit card bill in the mail, its not a surprise. This event allowed us to connect with Krisstina personally and also as a couple, we are much stronger as a partnership. This gave our marriage a real boost and is helping us move forward to create our legacy together."

    Dan Emde (Canada)

  • "I tend to be an open-minded skeptic. Looking at the agenda, we were a little nervous. We thought it was going to be information we already knew. Within 10 minutes of getting there, we knew it was 100% worth it. We’ve totally reevaluated where we’re going in our business - and how to align our values with our work."

    Philippe & Noelle Till

    "I'm a conference junkie so I always come with a critical eye and ear. This was really terrific. It's not in the mainstream of what you learn anywhere else. It's really applicable. Challenges your own protocols. We did this for our anniversary gift to each other. This brought us back on the same page with money and purpose."

    Gwen Daubenmeyer

  • "We've been married 28 years. We're always looking for opportunities to grow and enhance our relationship. This weekend has been so inspirational. We now have a purpose as a couple. And the methods we learned this weekend will help simplify our lives and make things easier to manage."

    Margaret Chiavini


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