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I'm Krisstina Wise

When I recovered from a near-death experience in 2013 (“spent” my health to build my wealth–then “spent” my wealth to regain my health), I made a promise to help people with what I’ve painstakingly learned about building personal wealth (and wellth) through business.

Often, money conversations carry a lot of emotion, confusion, and fear. I’ve found that private, one-on-one conversations are the best way to help. It feeds my soul to do this. Mainly I love getting to know other people!

So ….

I’d love to spend 45 minutes to learn all about YOU. I’d like to hear your money story, mindset limitations. You can privately share with me the good, bad and ugly. I promise — it will feel good to get it all off your chest. Think of it as a mini-money-therapy session if you’d like (I’ve secretly been called a money therapist). I’m easy to talk to. And, nothing you tell me will be something I haven’t experienced myself.

I’ve made every money-mistake in the book. I lived with a ‘fear-based” mindset for a long time. I’ve made millions and lost them (more than once) — due to mistakes that came out of naivety, ignorance, trusting the wrong people, and things I knew better, but did it anyway.

So, I listen to speak from personal experience. Therefore, there is zero judgement, shame or anything negative. I’ll be fully present with you, will listen intently and share my thoughts and advice at the end of the session. If I think I can help you, I’ll share with you what I offer without any pressure. And, if I feel I’m not the right match for you at this time (timing is everything), I’ll point you in the direction that I believe is best suited for you.

Just a little about me in case this is your first time here.

I started in a trailer home (I used to be ashamed of this). I am a single female. Everything I have I’ve built. I didn’t marry money or inherit it. I am a multi-millionaire (on the balance sheet) who is financially free (again, after making so many mistakes and starting from scratch, more than once). What I know to be true is that if I’ve built what I’ve built, you can too. I can teach you.

How it works

We will take a look at what you're currently doing with your money and how you truly think about money. From there, we'll identify the #1 thing that's holding you back. 

We will look at the next 3/6/12 months and see what is possible in terms of wealth building and growth. 

You'll walk away with an easy step-by-step action plan to get you started on your new financial trajectory. One to financial sovereignty and freedom.