4 Things We Got Wrong About Heart Health

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You need a healthy heart to feel great and have the energy to kick ass in business.

Yet today, our own hearts have become killers. There are about 1.5 million heart attacks, 500,000 open heart surgeries, and 650,000 heart related deaths in the US each year.

Why are the number of heart attacks so high? Well everyone knows the answer to that. Cholesterol, right? From a high-fat diet?


One of the biggest lies in conventional medicine is that high cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet this is what we’re told. So when we go see our doctor for that annual checkup and our cholesterol numbers are “high,” what happens? We get prescribed a statin drug.

A drug! A dangerous pharmaceutical drug that has serious side effects and harms our overall health.

I often get asked about heart health, cholesterol, and statins. Are they safe? I have my layperson answer, but after a considerable number of queries, I decided to go to an expert. I found who I believe to be the best person to enlighten us about the truths and myths of heart disease.

Dr. Jack Wolfson is a (reformed) cardiologist. He’s a board certified practitioner who started his career in the traditional medicine world. Until one day, he became fed up with the fact that traditional doctors were only treating symptoms rather than actually preventing disease.

I interviewed Jack on my podcast where he shares his current philosophy on heart and overall health, and how it radically differs from his hospital days. After meeting his wife Heather, he changed his ways and came over to the dark side (what traditional doctors call integrative medicine).

Understanding heart health is one of the keys to living a rich, healthy, and happy life. Here are my Top 4 Millionaire Takeaways based on our conversation.

Click here to listen to my full podcast interview with Dr. Jack Wolfson…

1. Cholesterol Is Vital For Optimal Health

When people think of cholesterol, they envision blocked arteries, plaque, and heart attacks. As if cholesterol itself is a bad thing that causes health problems and must be avoided. This is a myth that is criminally untrue!

In reality, cholesterol is a crucial component to overall health. All of our cells need it in order to thrive. Our sex hormones depend on it. Our overall energy, blood pressure, digestion… all need cholesterol. There’s a reason why every animal species on the planet has it in their bodies.

So then why do we all associate cholesterol with heart attacks? Maybe it’s because the big food companies want you to keep buying their high-carb products. Maybe it’s because big pharma and doctors want to prescribe you medication. Either way, the concept of cholesterol being bad for your heart is a common myth being perpetuated all around us.

2. Each Person’s Body Is Different

Even though we all understand that everybody is unique, we tend to treat our bodies like they’re all the same. For example, a traditional doctor will diagnose hundreds of patients the exact same way. And prescribe the exact same drug.

People should not all be treated the same way! Our culture is obsessed with quick fixes. So we like to know what our “ideal” levels are. How does my cholesterol look, doc? What are my blood pressure numbers looking like?

The fact of the matter is that each of us has different ideal numbers and levels depending on our unique bodies. According to Dr. Wolfson, the average appointment with a heart doctor is ten minutes. That’s not going to cut it. If you’re really looking to be healthy, find health professionals that will actually have an extended conversation with you and get to the source.

3. Carbs Are the Actual Cause of Heart Disease

Our culture perpetuates the myth that a high-fat diet causes heart disease. According to Dr. Wolfson, there are hundreds of published articles and official medical journals out there debunking the link between fats and heart health.

Here’s the question we need to ask ourselves: “Why do we believe this in the first place?” When you think about it, the answer should be easy. It’s all around us! Pop culture. Commercials. The heart-shaped bowl on our Cheerios box. The big food and media companies are tricking us.

The craziest part is that this is so easy to test. People could drink an entire bottle of olive oil, and their blood pressure won’t spike at all. But if they eat a piece of bread, it’ll shoot way up. If you want to prevent heart disease, stay away from sugar, gluten-containing grains, most dairy products, and artificial foods.

4. For Preventative Care, There Is Always an Alternative to Drugs

If you’re having a heart attack, experiencing some kind of emergency, or need some sort of procedure done, of course you should go to the hospital. But for everyday preventative health care, there is always an alternative to drugs.

We shouldn’t need pills in order to feel normal. And we certainly don’t need them to prevent disease. That’s not even what they’re designed for! Under the Western model, you take drugs when you exhibit certain symptoms. And they merely mask the symptoms without truly healing the body.

We’ve got it backwards! If you really want to feel healthy, you must get to the bottom of where those symptoms came from in the first place.

As a millionaire coach, I have to bring forth the money side of this conversation. Big Pharma and the docs want us to buy the drugs indefinitely. That’s money out of your pocket into theirs. For the rest of your life if they have it their way!

And when our docs tells us to take a pill and fail to mention that our high carb diets and stressful lifestyles are to blame for heart problems, it’s almost a 50% chance we will be a victim of some kind of heart disease. That’s bad enough for a myriad of reasons. But add the cost of a heart attack on the top of an already horrific situation. The average double bypass surgery costs over $120,000, and that’s just the surgery. Anybody who has ever been in an ambulance or a hospital knows how fast all of those line items add up.

Bottom line? To keep your bottom line healthy, take care of your heart!

Click here to listen to my full podcast interview with Dr. Jack Wolfson…

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