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The WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy Life

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life with Krisstina Wise. For Summer Replay #1, here’s a look back at Episode #1 where Krisstina explores how to master your mind.

In this episode, Krisstina talks with John Gray, famous author of the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. He is back with a new book called Staying Focused in a Hyper World. Krisstina and John discuss the differences between girls and boys with ADHD in childhood, and the effects Ritalin and Adderall can have on a person into adulthood. John shares with us how he was able to fully reverse his early onset Parkinson’s diagnosis, the natural way.

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