Wealthy Wellthy LIVE

Longevity Mastermind in Utah
w/ Krisstina Wise, Mike Koenigs, and Regan Archibald. 

February 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2023 Salt Lake City, Utah

Three full days gaining the tools and skills you need to exit your business a (mutli) millionaire feeling like a million bucks

We’re nothing without our bodies and brains…. and absolutely no good to anyone. You can’t live a life of freedom if you’re sick or in pain, right?

Would you want a 200% increase in energy? How about sleeping 82% better? What if you enjoyed 3x the confidence in your future health because of the proof shown in your labs?

The Wealthy Wellthy Live Longevity Mastermind is your 3 day-gateway to reset your mind, body, DNA, and wealth plan with the world leaders in age reversal medicine, business growth and wealth accumulation. 

Research shows that the day before a heart attack most people think they are healthy. Death by neglect happens to the best of the best. Who do you know that died too early?


This Mastermind is designed with your future self in mind.

This Mastermind is designed with your future self in mind.

Imagine spending 3 days learning from the top experts in age reversal medicine on how to look, feel, and perform your best based on comprehensive testing and treatments. As well as learning the counter-conventional, often gate-kept ways of building the wealth you deserve in the healthy body you’ve cared for. 

It’s 100% possible, and I know this because I’ve found the secret weapon and the men whove helped make it possible for me.

The first is Regan Archibald, and I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Regan is my personal wellness coach/consultant/Functional Medicine Expert. Since working with Regan, I’m the healthiest I’ve been in decades and feel like I’m in my 30s again. 

It’s been life-changing for me, and my goal is to increase the lifespan of as many people as I can, especially business owners and founders SO…..

 The 3rd Day of the event will be dedicated to Wellness. Not education — but, services. Regan will be sharing the latest science on Peptides, Stem Cells and other new(er) technologies to be able to improve health and longevity–but it is mostly just a day to indulge in self-care. 

There will be a menu of options to partake in — but, it will be $2500 of free services plus you get to select $7500 worth of additional “longevity services” that you can choose from (see below). In other words, $10K worth of services (per person). 

The second is Mike Koenigs. I can’t say Mike’s name without a smile forming on my face. 

Mike is my personal business coach/mentor. Just last year we hired Mike for $75,000 just to spend 3-days with him… You’re getting him for 3-days for 1/10th of that! 

The Business Marketing Day will be led by Mike. I will at least 5x the investment and I’m just getting started with his wisdom. He will be teaching his framework he taught me, as well as digital marketing and advertising tactics. You will walk away with your Marketing and Growth Strategy for 2023. 

The Money and Wealth Day will be taught by yours truly. I will share my personal investment Strategy and you will put together your portfolio and financial goals/plan for 2023. And, I will be sharing where I plan to invest my personal investment dollars in the new year. 

This mastermind event is focused on Life Extension and Business Abundance. 

Meet Krisstina Wise

Financial Health Coach, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Runner, Frequent Laugher

Krisstina Wise has made it her life’s work to master money. She is self made, multi-millionaire with the equivalent of at least two PhD’s of intense study with some of the business world’s most sage and seasoned mentors. Her training and experience have built proven systems that work in both good and challenging times.

After nearly losing her life in 2013, and spending almost half a million dollars to recover her mission is now to inspire others to build extraordinary wealth and optimal health. Named one of the 100 most influential real estate leaders in the country, she has been featured in USA Today and recognized by Apple and Evernote for her creative leadership with emerging technologies.
Krisstina is an international speaker and award winning author of the Amazon Best Seller “Falling for Money,” a romance novel for your bank account.

She may wear athletic clothes and a baseball cap for almost any occasion. But don’t let that fool you. Financial sovereignty means the freedom to choose. Krisstina chooses to show up in a baseball cap instead of a Lamborghini, even though she could choose the latter. Learn more about her money school for micro business owners at www.wisemoneymethod.com

Meet Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs is a serial Entrepreneur, judge on Entrepreneur.com’s “Elevator Pitch”, Forbes, Fast Company and Entrepreneur Writer, 13x Bestselling Author, Mike Koenigs helps “Experts Build Empires” and “Category of One” brands. He works with entrepreneurs to elevate their status, authority, thought-leadership and message to create more impact, income and freedom.

His companies have helped over 61,000 customers in 156 countries get noticed, amplify their message, create awareness, gain attention and engagement so they attract better customers who spend more.

As a serial entrepreneur, his first exit, Digital Cafe, one of the first digital marketing agencies, was sold to the publicly-traded Interpublic Group. His next two, Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, were SaaS companies, and were sold to publicly-traded companies. His fourth business was sold in 2018 to a private buyer.

He co-hosts the “Capability Amplifier” podcast with Strategic Coach founder, and author of “Who, Not How” and “The Gap and the Gain” author, Dan Sullivan and “The Big Leap” podcast with NYT Bestselling author Gay Hendricks.

He’s a regular contributor and columnist for Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Forbes magazines and interviewed, consulted and advised celebrity clients, billionaires and bestselling authors including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, Richard Dreyfuss, Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, John Assaraf, Brian Tracy, XPrize founder Peter Diamandis, Jorge Cruise, Harvey Mackay, Daniel Amen and Darren Hardy.

Meet Regan Archibald

Regan Archibald, Lac, FMP, is one of the leading Peptide Specialists in the nation and serves as a Regenerative Therapy and Peptide Consultant at the award-winning clinic he founded in 2004, East West Health (acueastwest.com) and now, Integrated Pain Specialists. Regan is the founder of Go Wellness and is the creator of the Peptide Mastery Course. He is a member of the International Peptide Society. He is the author of 8 books including, Never Stop Healing and Your Health Transformation.

As a Peptide Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Regan brings immense innovation and cutting-edge options for those looking to recover from pain, balance hormones, or increase performance or optimize their health. His clinic, East West Health, is the first Medically Managed Peptide Program that includes the use of Acupuncture and Herbs, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

Regan believes that health isn’t a destination and disease doesn’t take vacations. That’s why he’s created one of the most innovative wellness curriculums in America called the “Health Accelerator Course.” He and his partners Cade Archibald and Scott Frogley, DC, combine their talents to create a best-in-industry patient experience. With over 1000 active members participating in weekly “HACs” (Health Accelerator Challenges), and thousands more tuning into his podcast, Never Stop Healing, Regan is truly not to miss on your health adventures.

If not teaching, writing, or working with patients in-office or virtually, you will find Regan in the Wasatch mountains with his wife Jessica and his kids, Zoe, Dominic, and Jonah. He loves to ski, snowboard, mountain bike, take ice baths, bio-hack, and is passionate about bringing art back into the practice of medicine.

We will spend three days together doing Lifestyle Architecture.

You will leave with your money and health plans complete for 2023. It will be a small group of powerful entrepreneurs who are focused on building a wealthy and healthy life, in tandem. 

The theme is Longevity! We will be talking about the Longevity of Money and Business (including Exit Strategy) AND we are having a full day of Anti-Aging fun. 

Here Are Some Of The Wellness Services That Will Be Offered During Our Time Together:

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Three full days gaining the tools and skills you need to exit your business a millionaire through alternative investing

You’ll get: My Eight Figure Exit Strategy.

The one that’s cost me millions and 20 years to learn. But, I want you to have it without making more than a decade’s worth of mistakes. Like I did.

Also, I’m gonna give it to you for a tiny fraction of the time and money it cost me. In only three days you’re going to learn my simple, yet effective Wise Money Exit Strategy.

You’ll receive my exact portfolio of investments and investment strategies. And, access to an all star team of my investors/advisors/educators. I believe in total transparency and that’s what you’ll get.

These include connections and relationships that I trust and have cost me years to find, vet and do deals with that have ultimately made me millions. The good news is that you can cut out all of “vetting” time and can start working with them immediately and be able to ask them questions that produce immediate results.

No matter how sophisticated (or not) you are, I can assure you that unless you are 100% financially free and secure, right now you don’t even know what to ask, what you want, or need.

You will leave this event with a full financial operating system upgrade for you and better yet, you and your spouse/partner.

Your Ticket to vibrant health and abundant wealth

The adventure begins in…


"What will my days look lke at WealthyWellthy Live?"

The roadmap to Unconventional Wealth and Optimal Health

Day 1 (February 2nd) 
Wellness with Regan Archibald

On this day you will get over $10,000 worth of services at the East West Health Center. Things to choose from include: 

  • Complete blood work with a one-on-one review and private consultation with a certified ND or MD.
  • Fitness 50 benchmarks with certified trainers
  • A series of longevity peptides
  • Vitamin IV
  • Acupuncture
  • Customized nutritional program (based on your labs).
  • Options for additional services like regenerative medicine in joints, facial rejuvenation, P-shot/O-shot, hair restoration

Day 2 (February 3rd) 
Business with Mike Koenigs

Mike’s superpower is quickly and effectively understanding where you are, what motivates and excites you, where you’re stuck, and exactly what you need to do to get the results you desire. On this day we will focus on your business:

Learn how you can charge 5-100 times more than you’re charging now
What is a Referral Party? Get Industry Leaders, Influencers, and Ambassadors to gladly recommend you to their communities
Learn how you transform lives for your clients on multiple levels


Day 3 (February 4th) 
Wealth with Krisstina Wise

Do you have an “Exit Strategy?” Meaning, do you know your wealth numbers (AKA, your Happily Ever After numbers)? How much money is enough? How soon will you get there? Do you have your Investment Strategy in place? On the wealth front, you’ll:

  • Get a personal 8-figure Exit Strategy – the one that has created over $10million of assets in 10 years (but took Krisstina 20 years to learn).
  • Learn the fundamentals of investing (a framework I call PIGLETS)
  • Krisstina’s personal portfolio
  • Get Krisstina’s worksheets and balance sheet that she uses to create and track her numbers
  • Meet and interact with a select few of my highly vetted Investing Partners (it’s not what you know but who you know when it comes to real wealth creation)
  • Learn about the Pros and Cons of different type of investments: Syndicates, Single Family Real Estate, Crypto, Life Insurance, Stocks, and overall planning
  • Walk away with your Investing Strategy for the new year

"What will I learn at Wise Money Exit Strategy?"

The roadmap to Unconventional Wealth Building

Your best investment is always in your education first.

What you can expect when you get done with these three days is:

Day 1
How to get your business scaled, working for you, and producing the maximum amount of cash. And, learn my Piglets Investment Model for building an 8-figure net worth.

Day 2
Investment education and knowledge from a world-class team that’s going to help you get “there” (Your Financial Freedom Number) so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Day 3
Learn the language and vocabulary of the rich. The mindset of the rich. The voice of the rich. You can’t bring a knife to a gunfight. To build an 8 figure portfolio you need to be in rooms with people who’ve done it themselves and who now wish to help others do the same. To work with them you need to know how to speak their language to be allowed into their “secret, special rooms”. But lucky for you, I’m giving you a short-cut to deals I’m already involved in and that are vetted.

Even if you don’t invest in an opportunity presented, you’re going to know what to look for and do it at your own pace moving forward, according to the portfolio blueprint you created for yourself over the long weekend.

I’m giving you 10 years and a 10M dollar education in just 3 days.

Build relationships that last a lifetime

This is where the real magic takes place — the interactions and connections that happen throughout WWL Life Extension. It’s here that concepts solidify and take shape, where good ideas become great ideas that lead to growth and transformation.

You're Invited To Freedom

Enjoy three life-changing days learning from bestselling authors, world-class entrepreneurs, and respected innovators in all categories of business, wealth and health. 

Health Services Menu

Services Included in Wellness Day

Longevity and Regenerative Options ($7500 is included in your admission.)