Wise Money™ Bookkeeping & Consulting

WMBC™ is a luxury bookkeeping and consulting firm. We provide the support and analysis that is not available in the bookkeeping industry.

Build Sovereignty and a team.

You don’t have to do it alone. But, you also don’t have to advocate. 

We’re the team you’ve been searching for to aid in the teaching, reporting, analyzing and strategizing of your personal and business finances. 

Diverse Approach

We approach your books the Wise Money™ way. By being in the family of WealthyWellthy, WMBC™ operates at the same high level and with the same nomenclature and systems used in all Wise Money Programs.

Professional Team

When you decide to work with WMBC™, you're working with a dedicated and personalized team. Composed of a Wise Money Certified Coach, CPA, Bookkeeper, and the Sovereignty Academy/WealthyWellthy Team.

Expert Advice

Not only do we provide both Personal and Business Financial reports monthly, we also provide a monthly strategy and analysis call with a Wise Money Certified coach and CPA.

Strategy Based

We're not just a reporting company. We're here to strategically run reports, set financial goals, aid in deep analysis and consult on the making of personal and business strategic financial decisions.

What we offer

Unlike other bookkeeping firms, we do it all and we do it well. We pride ourselves not only on the accuracy and care we give to your books, but the consistency and strategic analysis that’s also provided. We bookkeep and report using the Wise Money Methodology and have available additional consulting to build ultimate financial sovereignty around the teachings learned in Sovereignty Academy. 

Financial Reporting

We provide monthly financial reports to you for both your business(s) and household business.

Reports include, but aren't limited to: A personal and business Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cashflows.

Financial Analysis

We provide one monthly call with your assigned Wise Money Certified Coach and CPA to review and analyze your reports.
Your assigned coach is also there to assist and consult in making strategic decisions based on financial report analysis


Available on it's own, or in addition to your bookkeeping package, we offer household and business finance consulting to allow you to go deeper in your SA™ learnings and build full competence and sovereignty around the managing, reviewing and analyzing of your own financial reports.


Mercedes Gomez

Co-Founder of WMBC™, Wise Money Certified Coach, Certified CPA and bookkeeper 

Macy Anderson

Co-Founder of WMBC™, COO of WealthyWellthy and Wise Money Certified Coach for Sovereignty Academy

Krisstina Wise

Co-Founder of WMBC™, Founder of WealthyWellthy, Sovereignty Academy, and Goodlife Companies

General Questions

Very different! Many elements of WMBC are like none other. But overall we pride ourselves as a luxury bookkeeping and consulting company led under the education and methodologies of the Wise Money™ Brand. We simply discovered what everyone else in the industry is not doing and/or not doing well, what most often frustrates you the consumer in this industry, what’s missing, and what wouldn’t just make for an acceptable experience but an impeccable, unique and novel one. 

Like we mentioned above, there are many elements of our business that sets us far apart from the rest. But just to name a few: No questions asked we work through all personal and business books. We report on both monthly (no less.) We provide a minimum of the three main financial reports and whichever else you desire. We provide you with a strategic set of Business and Household Chart (built for you.) We clean up your books and processes for legality and strategy. Our style of bookkeeping is built for wealth not for ease on our team. We assign you a CPA and Wise Money™ coach to analyze both sets of books with you, each month. And much more…

To be honest, starting this company wasn’t apart of our plan! We assumed that there were others out there able to provide this luxury and necessary service to you. But unfortunately, based on your feedback, we soon realized that there just isn’t. Everyone else is simply chosen what piece of the puzzle they want to be good at. We discovered based on our resources, knowledge and desire to truly help our students and others, that we were the “man” for the job — and we don’t want to just provide you with one thing, we want you to have it all. All books, reports, coaching, strategy and success. 

Our Company

Community. Experts. Resources. All building your dream together.

When you join us here at WMBC, you become more than just a client. You become apart of this tribe and are treated as so. We care and we’ll show you. 

The package inclusions


Get all of your bookkeeping package questions answered! 


Who is my bookkeeper?

You’ll be assigned a competent and experienced bookkeeper that has been Wise Money Vetted and Coached on our systems, practices and terminology. 


What reports will my bookkeeper provide?

You’ll be provided your personal and business statements (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow) each month. 


How much is the service and how is it structured?

We do not charge on an hourly pricing model. We’ve found that there are many discrepancies in this approach and clients often get over charged and under-supported. Using a sliding-price scale, based on the number of cumulative transactions to be reconciled each month (between your personal and business books), you’ll fall within 1 of 3 monthly package plans all priced differently. 

The package inclusions


Get all of your consulting package questions answered! 


What does this mean and what does it include?

What we’ve found is often our students desire additional ‘help’ and guidance fully implementing the CURBS™ and  CURBS™ For Business System. This is why we’ve added a service of Wise Money Consulting. You’ll be assigned a Wise Money Certified Coach and CPA to help you: 

1. Clean up your books and set them up fully (both in business and in personal) 

2. Go deeper and clarify the teachings and concepts taught within any program 

3. Set up your version of the 20/80/20 and aid in the set up of a full automation 

4. Make cash flow decisions necessary to begin fully implementing the CURBS framework. (i.e. What to do with cash and savings you already have both in the personal and business books.)


How will this be accomplished? What’s included?


1. Four 45 minute one-on-one coaching/implementation calls with your coach 

2. Weekly homework tailored to you in order to achieve full sovereignty and set up 

3. Recordings of all coaching calls between you and coach

4. Tutorials on the how-to’s of Quickbooks Online

5. A Google Drive folder set up for you with homework, recordings of all coaching calls, tutorials and notes  


How much is this service?

Starting at $555/month


Am I able to do BOTH bookkeeping and consulting, and if so what does that look like?

Yes! The pricing doesn’t change in that you’ll simply pay for the separate services each month. Included is everything listed as an inclusion for the bookkeeper service, with the additional 4 more calls a month with your Wise Money Certified Coach and CPA (as well as all other inclusions of working with the coach.) 

Build your team and sovereignty today

Wise Money Bookkeeping & Consulting is here.