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You don’t have to do it alone. But, you also don’t have to advocate. We’re the team you’ve been searching for to aid in the teaching, reporting, analyzing and strategizing of your personal and business finances. 


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Initiation Fee

one-time fee
$ 300 One-time
  • Every new client will be charged an Initiation Fee at checkout. This Fee allows us to analyze your books, begin the entire set up process, do any basic book clean up and make sure you are fully ready to go! This is a one-time fee and will not be charged again. If you are simply switching from one package to another you will not have to pay this fee again.


$ Price Varies per package
  • We don't charge hourly. We’ve found that there are discrepancies in this approach and clients often get over charged and under-supported. Using a sliding-price scale, based on the number of cumulative transactions to be reconciled each month (between your personal and business books), you’ll fall within 1 of 3 monthly package plans all priced differently.


$ Price Varies Per PACKAGE
  • In this service you’ll be assigned a Wise Money Certified Coach and CPA to help you:  1. Fully set them up your books 2. Go deeper and clarify the teachings and concepts taught within any program 3. Set up your Unique Cashflow Ratio and aid in the set up of a full automation 4. Make cash flow decisions necessary to begin fully implementing the CURBS framework.