#239 The Breakdown Before the (million $) Breakthrough w/Michael Chu

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My guest this week is Michael Chu. To put it simply, Michael helps 6-7 fig businesses find an extra $250k-1M+ in backend rev w/our LTV Method. He is the creator and founder of Champion Development Inc., the premier coaching and support program for executives, fit pros, and entrepreneurs . Well… there’s nothing simple about that! Can you tell my guest is incredibly humble?! More of a reason why I love him.

The Questions:

  • How can I learn from someone who is making good money, keeping in good shape, and being actually happy?
  • Do you feel like you want to give up? —> Get clear on what that feeling is and let it become your biggest teacher!
  • What is a good life? 
  • What is a “win” for you, specifically? 
  • Do successful people become happy or do happy people become successful? 
  • What am I ACTUALLY committed to?

What You Will Learn:

  • Go after what you really love and enjoy 
  • Learn how to love the process — always focus on being a little bit better everyday 
  • Often times are biggest complaint is our biggest mission 
  • Knowing when enough is enough 
  • The most successful people learn to ask themselves “and” questions— not “or” questions 

The “Remember When” Exercises:
Ask yourself, ‘Remember When…’ and then speak of the PRESENT as if it were the PAST.

“Remember when I was nervous about these new clients?”
—> the frame of “remember when” as if you’ve already worked through it allows your nervous system to lighten up and breathe!

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