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The 5 Fundamental Truths:

Learn how to stop stressing over money and start investing more earnings.

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Hi, I'm Krisstina,

I created this financial strategy and roadmap to help take successful entrepreneurs to the next level.


After a few successes I thought I had won…


Little did i know that making more profits was not the end of my worries.


It amplified them.


I’ve created several multimillion dollar businesses and had a few successful exits, but despite the consistently growing income, my bills and overhead only grew as well.

When I began generating  larger revenues, my life changed, just like most earning higher income, I thought I was on top of the world and nobody could stop me.


After several months of this new found wealth i realized that although my pay had increased, my savings did not? This began my mission to peel back the books and really understand where all those extra dollars are going.

These Fundamentals

Will forever change the way you think about earning money

Start with a plan

Build a Financial Life Plan and Personal Money Management System necessary to get off of the paycheck to paycheck hamster wheel and on a trajectory of financial abundance, wealth and ultimately FREEDOM

Shift your spending Mindset

How to get out of the rat race of living paycheck to paycheck. No matter how much you earn, overspending can cripple chances of financial prosperity.

Stop experimenting

Learn from years of real world practice and how to avoid the common mistakes most entrepreneurs make.

Executing The Plan

Learn and implement the 5 fundamental truths about money that no money school or traditional money program will teach you. (HINT: you have to know and abide by all 5!)

The 5 Fundamental Truths

that will transform the way you earn spend and invest your Money

Any sales figures, earnings or successes referenced here are ours. This doesn’t guarantee you any type of success. All businesses have risks and require consistent effort. For that reason all figures are used for informational purposes and your situation depends on you.