We are made for communion, and feel most alive when we are on the journey with another.

Love makes life rich.

It comes in many forms…
A  surprise call from a friend.
The sweet snuggle of a child.
Warm, lingering hugs from a loved one.
Even the smile of a stranger.

We are made for communion, and feel most alive when we are on the journey with another.

So let’s get really good at building beautiful, strong relationships.
And passionate, rich marriages.
After all, what other human relationship has a deeper impact on navigating a Good Life?

Ready for rich relationships? Start here.

What habits and rituals are you adopting that help you to succeed?

10 P’s for a rich relationship

Let’s be honest. When it comes to relationships, the odds are stacked against us. But let’s create a new mindset. If you’re tired of hearing the same old “tips and tricks” and want a holistic system that works to build a passion-filled relationship, learn to master these 10 P’s:

  1. Promises: Are you staying true to your vows? (To love, honor, cherish...and be loveable, honorable, and cherishable?)
  2. Philosophies: What do you believe? As individuals and as a couple? (Not sure? Behaviors follow beliefs, so look at your behaviors to check your beliefs!)
  3. Psychologies: Is your mindset on marriage helping or hurting you? (Start here: How do you feel about your relationship? Talk about it.)
  4. Proficiency: Do you feel equal when it comes to managing money? (You don’t have to make the same amount. But you do need to be equal partners in designing and flowing your kash fund the Good Life you design together.)
  5. Purpose: Are you in this together? (Do you have a joint purpose for your life and relationship? A destination you’re headed toward together? If not, start now!)
  6. Plan: What matters to you individually? What matters to you as a couple? And what is your plan for funding those things? (Not sure? Check out my Kashflow System to get started!)
  7. Process: What systems do you have in place that allow you to grow your assets and fund the Good Life you design together? (Not sure? Check out my Kashflow System to get started!)
  8. Practice: What habits and Rituals are you adopting that help you to succeed?
  9. Pact: Do you have a unified end goal to strive for? (And are you committed to working toward that together, through all the ups and downs and sideways?)
  10. Partnership: In a true partnership, 1+1 = 100. (Are you maximizing both minds, both perspectives, and double the energy to build a future that you design together?)

For a more comprehensive breakdown of the 10 P’s for a Powerful Marriage, you can receive a free download of our Marriage System here.

When you flow your money intentionally using a method that grows both your wealth and your well-being as a couple, you win.

Marriage and money

Here are five practices that will change your life when it comes to marriage and money:

  1. Set aside time. If you dream of being able to talk about money together and reach positive outcomes, then you must set time aside to talk about how money fits into your life. Most of us only do this when there is a problem. So the conversation starts (and usually ends) heated.
  2. Find your purpose. When you and your spouse share a common purpose, talk regularly about it so that you can set goals on how to achieve it. Remember, fun is a necessary part of a marriage. So make sure to identify what is fun to you, and plan for it when it comes to the money side of things.
  3. Fund your spouse’s dreams. The beauty of setting goals together is that each partner is aware of the other partner’s dreams and desires. And let your money do the talking. Allocate the financial resources needed to support each other’s individual desires, and encourage one another.
  4. Dedicate time to your marriage. This is the real secret to marriage getting better and stronger over time. Life never quite happens according to plan, so it’s important to reset often — especially when it comes to our money. It’s easy to get off track, and regular stopping points keep you headed in the desired direction.
  5. Adopt a system for getting rich together. If you want money in your marriage to be strong - and your marriage to become stronger as a result - you MUST practice a money process. When you flow your money intentionally using a method that grows both your wealth and your well-being as a couple, you win.

Want to put some of these life-changing practices into action? Read more here.

When you are aligned in vision, values, and intent, you achieve so much power.

The power of 2

As a couple, the exponential growth you can experience personally, professionally, spiritually, and financially when two of you work together is mind-blowing.

Here are our three keys for achieving this…

  1. Be purposeful together. When you are aligned in vision, values, and intent, you achieve so much power. So what is the purpose of your marriage? Not your individual purposes, but your JOINT purpose as a couple. Until you have the purpose of your partnership nailed, you won’t tap into the higher power that’s available to you as a couple.
  2. Practice together. Strive to be ambitious and high-performing, whether it’s at work, raising the kids, learning to cook, anything. What makes certain couples out-perform others? They do it TOGETHER. Give each other the space to learn, prepare, try new things, and give feedback. If you are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, you each become better in every way.
  3. Learn together. Most partners learn separately, but instead of “dividing and conquering,” they simply get half the value. Why? Because you miss the other person’s perspective. Should you still have separate spaces to learn? Of course! But make sure to pursue certain things together, especially education. It will amplify both of you as individuals and make your marriage go BOOM!

Ready to amplify your partner potential? Read more here.

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