Live a life by design.

This is where your journey starts.

After all, what are health and money for?

Living a Good Life.

A full, passionate, beautiful life…for all 100 years of it.

Here’s the deal.

The only person who can design your beautiful Good Life is…you!

So what are you waiting for?

Striving for money is not greedy, but practical and essential for fulfilling our

7 F-words

What is your so what?

The reason you’re here? The reason you even care about making money and staying healthy? Without that nailed, it’s impossible to build a WealthyWellthy life.

Here, we help you find your "so what" with seven simple F-words:

  1. Faith: The practice of spirituality. And the understanding that not everything is within your control. Learning how to let go and trust that life will work itself out, as long as you set good intentions and put in a little of your own elbow grease. No matter what happens, it is all part of the journey.
  2. Family: The commitment to design a life with your family (and your spouse) and include them in your work. Sharing time, experiences, and being in the journey with your family.
  3. Feeling: The promise you make to yourself to honor your health from the inside out. Addressing your mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual health.
  4. Fun & Friends: The recognition of the importance of play. And connecting with your loved ones outside of family.
  5. Flourish: The determination to reach self-actualization. Staying curious, pursuing knowledge and cultivating hobbies to become your best self.
  6. Philanthropy: The desire to live purposefully and to make a positive impact on the world. Leading by example and using your talents to make a difference.
  7. Finances: The awareness that money is essential to funding and cultivating all of the above F-Words. Accepting that striving for money is not greedy, but practical and essential for fulfilling our F-words.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of the 7 F-Words, Download the 7 F-Words workbook here.

The drive to keep up is killing us - literally.

The Myth of productivity

Most of us work according to a model of productivity that dates back to the Industrial Age. We call it the “Get the Most Done” (GMD) model because it’s all about producing the greatest output within the shortest period of time. While it makes sense in theory, the stakes are raising to superhuman standards, and the drive to keep up is killing us - literally.

It’s time to ditch GMD, and embrace essentialism. Instead of aiming to do the most, aim to do the most important stuff, only. Trim the excess. Ask for help. Focus only on the things that move the needle professionally and personally. Learn to say “no.” Delegate.

It seems counterintuitive, but when it comes to productivity, less is actually more. The trick is to do less, so you can create more space in your life.

Creating space gives you the opportunity to do more of what you care about. And, it creates room to enter flow state, the ideal mental state to create and produce to your fullest potential. (Now that’s real productivity!) Though it may sound like a fantasy, anyone can achieve flow state with practice and discipline.

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Too many of us settle on doing what we think we ought to be doing, instead of what we’d like to be doing.

Life by Design

In our society, the standard for comfort is to settle.

Settle into a job, settle into a relationship, settle into a home. This is what we like to call living Life By Default.

Life By Default is an epidemic. If it weren’t, “mid-life crisis” wouldn’t be such a colloquialism. The fact is: too many of us settle on doing what we think we ought to be doing, instead of what we’d like to be doing. This leads us to disappointment, unfulfillment, and existential despair.

The alternative is to live a Life By Design. A Life By Design is a unique life of vision. It’s created based on values and dreams, and achieved by implementing powerful systems (powerful in the sense that they amplify meaning and growth).

At WealthyWellthy, we teach people the systems that will allow them to achieve a Life By Design: our 7 F-Words, Kashflow System, FEEELs System, and 10 P’s to a Powerful Marriage are all engineered to magnify a person’s wealth, health, and life experiences.

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