Invest in health, and side-step all the disease facing our culture today.

It’s time to take a load off.

To slow down and enjoy life.
To realize that all you’re working for isn’t worth anything without your health.

Life isn’t fun when you’re sick.
So let’s stay well all 100 years of life.

Invest in health, and side-step all the disease facing our culture today.

Sound like daydream? It’s not.

Unlock the secrets to a long, healthy life.

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It’s impossible to live a rich life without health

6 Ways to feel better

It’s impossible to live a rich life without health.  But the way we practice health in today’s culture only produces illness, disease, and despair, especially as we age. With the help of new science, we can adopt a system that enables true and total health.

Our FEEELS System is designed to help you shift into a new approach to health in your life.

  1. Food: Food should take advantage of both macro and micro nutrients to become the ultimate life source, providing the building blocks needed for energy production, cellular growth, and every chemical reaction in the body.
  2. Exercise: The old approach to exercise is based on the concept that more is better. But science today shows that you need to exercise your body and then rest: repeated, short bouts of high-intensity followed by recovery.
  3. Energy: Everything is energy, including your body. So move in life with that idea in mind. And respect the laws of energy as you consider building your health. True health cannot be built without maintaining reserves and recharging.
  4. Environment: Many of our environments are toxic. This includes three critical areas that suck the life force out of us: our natural environment, our physical space, and our relationships.
  5. Labs: Most medical systems only use labs to identify potential causes of symptoms one is already experiencing. This is what I like to call “sick care.” In new functional medicine practices, labs collect data used to create optimal health and wellness, which is what true “health care” should be.
  6. Self-Awareness: Being fully aware of one’s self includes mindfulness, presence, flow, and learning to become an observer of our own patterns. This creates rituals for health, wellness and optimal performance.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of FEEELS, you can receive a free download of our Health System here.

But your entire health is determined by micronutrients.

Your food is weak

  1. Our culture’s focus is on macronutrients – fats, proteins, and carbs. But what’s missing is a discussion on micronutrients. We need these in small quantities, but they’re essential to good health. Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids. And deficiency in these prevent our bodies from functioning properly, eventually creating the perfect environment for disease.
  2. But your entire health is determined by micronutrients - a conversation that is completely missing in the healthcare industry. Tests from doctors only cover macro level health, so they don’t pick up on the micros that are the true indicators of health. Most illnesses can be directly related to micronutrients, so they should be the first thing to test when something is wrong.
  3. No matter how healthy you are, you’re missing essential micronutrients - especially if you’re strict with another diet - whether it’s Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, or whatever the next big thing might be. The only way to get what you need is through food or supplementation, so it’s important to learn more about nutrition and reclaim your health. Because as anyone who has ever battled with disease will tell you, the current approach to healthcare leaves few answers. And little vitality.

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We need to be sufficient in our nutrients in order to a live a full life, but the reality is that most food is woefully nutrient-deficient.

4 Truths about food

The newest science on nutrition will save your life - and make you wealthy. Here are some quick truths that you need to know.

  1. Organic food is not a luxury. We need to be sufficient in our nutrients in order to a live a full life, but the reality is that most food is woefully nutrient-deficient - all as a result of cruel farming practices. Many of us are eating genetically modified foods that are sprayed with deadly chemicals, stripping us of the nutrients needed to battle every known disease and condition.
  2. You are what your food eats.  Most toxins that we consume go straight to our brain, and all of the junk that animals eat go straight to our brain as well. Like us, animals are designed to eat natural foods.  But instead, animals we eat are being fed genetically modified crops and getting pumped full of antibiotics and hormones. So in addition to lacking nutrients, our food is often full of toxins.
  3. Food is not a religion. Some of us eat just to satiate hunger as we sprint through our busy lives, which needs to stop. Food should be a source of of wellness and vitality. On the other hand, some of us get too dogmatic about our diets. None of those rules matter if you’re not getting the nutrition you need. We must understand what’s lacking in our food so that we can supplement what’s missing.

When it comes to food, you need a plan. Change cannot happen overnight. Rid your pantry to limit temptation, make a list of nutrient-rich foods to pick up before going to the grocery store, eat in such a way that satisfies all of your cravings, exercise smarter, and be sure to find the right supplements for you. Without a plan, you’re bound to remain stuck in your ways.

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